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Heras Concrete Footings


Heras Concrete Footings

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Heras Concrete Footings provide a user-friendly and secure foundation for installing Heras mobile fences. These reinforced concrete footings are designed to minimize trip hazards while retaining the robustness and stability of traditional concrete blocks. Find out how Heras Concrete blocks can improve the safety and convenience of your temporary fencing setup.

Key Advantages:

  • Limited trip hazard
  • Easy to handle
  • Robust and secure foundation
  • Versatile installation options
  • Compatible with Heras M550 Mobile Fence


Feature Specification
SKU D0105
Brand Heras
Accessory Use Foundation
Dimensions (Depth) 190 mm
Dimensions (Height) 128 mm
Dimensions (Width) 700 mm
Material Concrete
Package Quantity 35
Weight 24 kg

Features and Applications:

  1. Limited Trip Hazard: Heras Concrete Footings are designed to minimize trip hazards by being smaller than traditional concrete and plastic fence blocks. This ensures a safer environment for passers-by and workers on the site.

  2. Easy to Handle: These concrete blocks can be handled by one person, making them a convenient and accessible solution for installing temporary fencing. Their manageable size and weight simplify the installation process and reduce labor costs.

  3. Robust Foundation: Made of reinforced concrete, Heras Concrete blocks provide a strong and secure foundation for your temporary fencing. This ensures the stability and durability of your fencing setup.

  4. Versatile Installation Options: Heras Concrete blocks offer multiple installation options, including square holes for fitting the anti-lift system or driving poles through the footings for maximum stability. Additionally, the footings have holes on the outer edge to limit the risk of tripping for passers-by.

  5. Compatibility with Heras M550 Mobile Fence: Heras Concrete Footings are designed to work seamlessly with the Heras M550 Mobile Fence, providing a cohesive and secure temporary fencing solution.

In conclusion

Heras Concrete Footings are a robust and easy-to-handle solution for your temporary fencing needs. Their compatibility with the Heras M550 Mobile Fence, versatile installation options, and minimized trip hazards make them an excellent choice for a safe and convenient fencing foundation. Enhance the security and stability of your temporary fencing with Heras Concrete Footings.


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