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Temp fence

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Temp fence consists of welded mesh panel, round tube frame(square tube frame), plastic feet and top connection. This kind of fence has a fine structure; the globality, mobility and environmental suitability are magnificent. The fence is easy to transport, dismantle easily, low cost. It has the advantage of one cost, many times used.

AS4687 Temp Fence Specification

Temp Fence panel height x length 2.1x2.4m, 1.8x2.4m, etc
Wire diameter 3mm, 4mm
Welded mesh opening 60x150mm (popular), 75x75mm, 75x100mm, 60x75mm
Fence frame pipe 32mm (popular), 42mm, 48mm, etc
Fence pipe thickness 1.4mm, 1.6mm, 1.8mm or 2mm
Fence Clamp suit for different outer diameter pipe
75mmcenter space
Material low carbon steel
Surface treatment hot dipped galvanized
Fence base material plastic temporary fence block with concrete inside
Fence base size

blow-molded: 600x220x150mm

injection-molded: 560x240x130mm

Temp Fence Panels Extra brace frame tube 32mm, 42mm or 48mm O.D
Brace height 1.8m


  • Our Temp Fence; One-person installation. The infill panel and fencing base are installed in a plug-in type with light-weight welded construction. It can be easily removed and mobile installed when necessary. This can be done by one person, at most two men.
  • Quick access anywhere on site. There is no need to dig holes or lay foundations; removable and stable platy fencing feet can adapt cement or asphalt areas. The flexible isolation angle can rapid re-configuration of the construction area.
  • Minimizes injuries by putting a higher security fence on sites. Quickly establish a fence for warning and cordoned off the hazardous area or preventing unauthorized entry.
  • Limits risks of theft and vandalism on job sites. It is anti-climb to prevent thieves from entering and protect property from damage.
  • Transparent worksite fence. Unlike temporary hoarding, welded infill panels are visible without any sight blocks.
  • Complete temp fence system. Expect fence panels, platy stable fencing feet, p shaped top coupler, foot screw (as needed) and shade clothes; other you wanted hardware can be supplied.


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