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used cow panel for sale


used cow panel for sale

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A TOP range used cow panel for sale, a superior heavy-duty panel that is built from 50mm x 50mm uprights and 1.6mm thick, with 5 ovals 120mm x 30mm and 1.8mm thick, comes with pins and brackets to lock the panels together, metal-capped to keep the rain out, and bottom plate to make sure you can secure them to the ground.

  • Our Used Cow Panel For sale is sturdy and reliable, and there is no fear that the structure will collapse. It is made from the highest quality of galvanized steel and chain link mesh.
  • Our standard galvanized cattle panel has six rails and is 2.1m long and 1.8m high. We can also manufacture cattle panels to customer length or height.
  • A cattle yard panel is usually called a cattle panel, horse panel, livestock panel, corral panel, etc.
  • It is made with welded hot dip galvanized pipes for fencing livestock, such as cattle, cows, bulls, calves, Dairy sheep, goats, dogs.
  • We supply quality cattle panels, horse panels, sheer panels, and custom-made panels suitable for all livestock.
  • All products are manufactured using high-quality pre-galvanized RHS & pipe.
  • A versatile cattle panel with rounded edges can be used as a cattle panel, horse panel or sheep panel.
  • These Used Cow Panels for Sale come with Extra C and L lugs that can be supplied to integrate panels into an existing yard.
Heavy Duty 30pcs Bundle Heavy Duty Used Cow Panels For Sale & Gate for Australian.

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Heavy Duty 30pcs Bundle Heavy Duty Used Cattle Corral Panels For Sale & Gate for Au Heavy Duty 30pcs Bundle Heavy Duty Used Cattle Corral Panels For Sale & Gate for Au

Used Cow Panels For Sale Feature

  • 1. Portable: easy, fast to handle (set up, remove and put down), makes the fence panel very flexible.
  • 2. Robust: the interlocking system makes the fence very stable; quality steel and fully welding make
  • the panel stronger; heavy-duty and anti- broken; high zinc or PVC coated to make the fence
  • durable.
  • 3. Environment Protection: Used Cow Panels for Sale; no need to dig
  • holes or lay foundations with welded bracket lugs and joining pins. And it benefits grassland protection.
  • 4. Livestock Protection: no sharp edge, very smooth welding spot finished
  • 5. Cost-effective: give your corral years of service and minimal maintenance at a low initial cost

Specification Used Cow Panels For Sale

Panel size 1.8X2.1m Six rails/bars
1.6x2.1m 5 rails/bars
Pole style Square pipe 40x40mm/50x50mm O.D.
Round pipe 32mmO.D.
Oval pipe 30x60mm/40x80mm O.D.
Pole thickness 1.6mm
Panel gate Specifications on your demands
Zinc coating 120g/m2
Height x Length: 2200mm x 2000mm
Frame: Horizontal & Vertical pipe: 50 mm x 50 mm RHS x 1.8 mm thick with fully welded caps
Cattle Gate Horizontal rail: 40 mm x 80 mm x 1.6mm thick x 6 oval rails

Hot dipped galvanized, zinc coating: more than 15 microns.

Fully welded oval pipes, post &brackets, heavy-duty hinges

Quick Details

  • 1. All of our goods will pass a quality inspection before shipping them out.
  • 2. Best after-sale service, a customer can follow their order situation at any time, no matter production line, warehouse or shipment.
  • 3. More than 6 years of experience in export to handle your order more smoothly.
  • 4. Less than one container loading is accepted.
  • 5. On-time delivery, in general, 20-30 days.
  • 6. Multimode payment, L/C, T/T, etc.
  • 7. Special dimension was available according to your request.

Heavy Duty 30pcs Bundle Heavy Duty Used Cattle Corral Panels For Sale & Gate for Au

Heavy Duty 30pcs Bundle Heavy Duty Used Cattle Corral Panels For Sale & Gate for Au

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