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Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence


Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence

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Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence

Mass-loaded vinyl is a kind of sound barriers fence material; it was originally from working shop equipment noise insulation and absorption; temporary construction noise barriers fence offers many applications. Mass Loaded Vinyl Fence is a new development against noise pollution, such as noise control for highway and construction site projects. quilted curtains are designed to solve noise control applications where both sound absorption and sound blocking must be increased noise barrier quilted curtains. Noise barriers quilted curtains are four-layer structure noise barriers that make PVC+ vinyl Sound insulation felt+Sound Absorption Wool+waterproof fiberglass fabric. Average sound insulation reaches 27 dB. Noise barrier quilted curtains Industrial applications include enclosures, machinery cover linings, and additions to existing walls or barriers. Noise barrier quilted curtains Architectural applications include crosstalk barriers, room dividers, ceiling barriers, and pipe and duct wrap.

mass loaded vinyl fence specification

Product Name noise barrier quilted curtains
noise barrier quilted curtains Pattern Hanging Noise Barrier
noise barrier quilted curtains made from vinyl soundproof Felt, sound insulation wool, PVC
canvas, fiberglass fabric
noise barrier quilted curtains Size 1000*2400mm
Thickness noise barrier quilted curtains:18mm,20mm,25mm,50mm
noise barrier quilted curtains Color blue&white,green&white
Flammability noise barrier quilted curtains: Class B
noise barrier quilted curtains Features Practical and durable noise absorber and block, easy install and reusable
Product image
soundproof quilted curtains temporary noise barrier quilted sound dampening curtainsMass Loaded Vinyl Fence
Application of temporary construction noise barriers fence
· Railway Metro Noise Insulation and Absorption
· Highway Noise Reduction Temporary or Permanently Solutions
· All public event cases such as concert
· Construction and Building Noise Reduction
STANDARD -temporary construction noise barriers fence
1 Layer Optimal Materials of PVC acoustic membrane Highest Strength Indispensable
2 Layer Sound insulation Felt made EPDM(Ethylene PROPYLENE DIENE Monomer) Indispensable
3 Layer Absorb Acoustic wool made in Non-woven Cloth Indispensable
4 Layer Waterproof Lining Indispensable
EPDM with a excellent sound insulation and absorption ability available 25dB 30dB 40dB noise Control
All materials are High Standard Waterproof and Medium Standard Fireproof.

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