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Concrete Footings for Heras Mobile Fences: Enhanced Safety


Concrete Footings for Heras Mobile Fences: Enhanced Safety

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Temporary fencing is a necessity for a variety of applications, from construction sites to outdoor events. Heras mobile fences have become a popular choice due to their versatility and durability. In order to enhance safety and convenience, easy-to-handle concrete footings have been designed specifically for these fences. By reducing tripping hazards and simplifying installation, these footings offer numerous advantages for both workers and passers-by.

Advantages of Easy-to-Handle Concrete Footings

  1. Limited Trip Hazard: With their compact size, these concrete footings minimize the risk of tripping for both workers and pedestrians. The unique design features holes on the outer edge of the footing, allowing fences to be placed further away from foot traffic.

  2. Easy to Handle: Weighing only 24 kg, these concrete footings can be easily maneuvered and installed by a single person. This simplifies the installation process and reduces the need for additional labor.

  3. Robust Foundation: Made from reinforced concrete, these footings provide a strong and stable base for Heras mobile fences. This ensures that the fences remain secure even in challenging conditions.

  4. Enhanced Stability: The square holes in the footing are designed to accommodate an anti-lift system or support poles, providing maximum stability for the temporary fencing.


Specification Details
SKU D0105
Brand Heras
Accessory Purpose Foundation
Dimensions Depth (mm) 190
Dimensions Height (mm) 128
Dimensions Width (mm) 700
Material Concrete
Package Quantity 35
Weight (Kg) 24


Easy-to-handle concrete footings for Heras mobile fences are suitable for a wide range of temporary fencing applications, including:

  1. Construction sites: Secure the perimeter of your site and keep workers and the public safe from potential hazards.

  2. Outdoor events: Create designated areas and control crowd movement with durable and easy-to-install fencing.

  3. Roadwork zones: Protect pedestrians and workers by providing a clear barrier between traffic and work areas.

  4. Emergency response situations: Quickly establish a secure perimeter for public safety and efficient response.

In conclusion

these easy-to-handle concrete footings provide a safer and more efficient solution for installing Heras mobile fences. With reduced trip hazards and simplified installation, they offer an accessible and robust foundation for temporary fencing applications

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