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V Mesh Fencing


V Mesh Fencing

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V Mesh Fencing

V Mesh Fencing Packaging Details:

As the manufacturer, we are professional in PVC coated welded 50*200mm mesh 3D V Mesh Fencing with a complete set of the production line from wire welding, tubes welding to final packing.

1. it has a soft sponge at the bottom of the pallet to avoid the bottom fence panel being damaged by the metal pallet.
2. it has 4 metal corners to keep the pallet more robust.
3. it has a metal plate under the plastic bandage to avoid the bandage to pressure the fence panel.
4. it has a wood plate on the top of the pallet to keep the above pallet from being destroyed by the pallet.
5. the post is covered with a plastic cap then packed with plastic film. Clips packed by the set


material→straighten & cutting wire→welding→bending→galvanizing→parkerizing→powder/PVC coating→packing


  • Strength and rigidity: The heavy wire spanning the entire width in the middle of the "V" shaped beams added additional strength and rigidity.
  • Modern design and attractive surface: The "V" shaped bending curves made the security fence attractive.
  • Robust and sturdy panels structure: The unique welded artistry will not be made the panel sag or deform easily as a typical chain link fence.
  • Fast installation: The panel-shaped fence could be joined together quickly by joints to posts and decrease the workload to be efficient; furthermore, it is convenient for secondary use.
  • Visibility: The security fencing protects against theft and vandalism and offers surveillance ability.
  • Weather resistance: The galvanized carbon steel wire and PVC coating made the fencing panel resistant to brutal weather.
  • A long service life: The coating is applied over the entire panel and fence accessories, therefore guaranteeing a long life to serve.
  • Suitable for flat and level terrain: In stepped or slopped earth, extra V-braces would be offered for sturdiness.

V mesh fencing applications

The 3D Fence V mesh Fencing panel is welded wire mesh panel fixed with an anti-thief post, round post or square post by fittings. People usually use it in the garden, roadside and other places. Our 3d fence panels are widely used for prevention for airport Fence, Commercial sites, Factories and warehouses, Gardens, Hospitals, Military sites, Parking places, Parks, Playgrounds.

Color V mesh Fencing

V mesh fencing available RAL colors and powder we usually take is powder brand: Akzo Nobel, Dupont and then There is dark green, blue, white, red, yellow, black, grey, etc. Dark Green is the most popular

Fence Post

our V mesh fencing post available SHS post and peach-shaped fencing post the wall thickness of fencing post can adjust heavier and lighter according to your fundamental requirements
PVC coated hot dipped galvanized nylofor 3d welded wire mesh fence panels


Our 3d fence panels are available at a considerable height optional and width usually go 2500mm if you want to customize your own size 3d wire mesh fence panels as long as the quantity is up to 1x20fcl container. We can free customize it for you.

PVC coated hot dipped galvanized nylofor 3d welded wire mesh fence panels

3d v mesh fencing3d v mesh fencing

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