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Chain link temporary fence


Chain link temporary fence

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Chain link temporary fence panels are an ideal solution for construction sites, events, and other applications where a secure and temporary perimeter is needed. These fences are easy to install, durable, and versatile, making them a popular choice among contractors and event organizers. This article delves into the specifications, advantages, applications, and production process of these high-quality chain link temporary fence panels.


Chain link temporary fence panels come in various dimensions, with mesh sizes of 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" (60mm x 60mm) and 12-gauge wire. They are available in different heights, widths, and panel sizes, providing a wide range of options to suit various needs. The fence panels are constructed from galvanized steel tubing and wire mesh, with a corrosion-resistant zinc coating that ensures durability and longevity. The fencing system also includes base feet options and clamps for easy assembly and disassembly.

Specification Details
Tubing 1¼"(32mm), 1⅜"(35mm), 1½"(38mm), 1⅗"(40mm), 1⅝"(42mm), 1⅞"(48mm)
Thickness of Tubing 16GA/ 1.6mm thick (standard) or customized owned size
Chain Mesh Aperture 2"x2" (50mm x 50mm), 2¼"x2¼" (57mmx57mm), 2⅜"x2⅜" (60mmx60mm), 2½"x2½" (63mmx63mm)
Height 4ft/1220mm, 6ft/1820mm, 8ft/2420mm
Width 12ft/3650mm, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 14ft
Panels Size 6ft x 12ft, 8ft x 12ft, 4ft x 12ft, etc.
Diameter/Gauge 10ga/3.2mm, 10.5ga/3.00mm, 11ga/2.90mm, 11.5ga/2.75mm, 12ga/2.60mm, 12.5ga/2.5mm, 13ga/2.3mm
Base Optional 1 36" L x 30" W x 8" H /914mmx762mmx203mm
Base Optional 2 36" L x 16" W x 8" H /914mmx406mmx203mm
Base Optional 3 30" L x 18" W x 8" H /762mm x460mm x203mm
Standard ASTM A392-06
Material Galvanized Steel Construction
Finish Corrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
Transport Packing Metal pallet Wrapped with Plastic
HDG Zinc Thickness 14 microns 100g/SQM, 28 microns 200g/SQM, 42 microns 300g/SQM, 84 microns 600g/SQM


  1. Quick and easy installation: The temporary fence panels can be erected at a rate of four meters per minute, without the need for digging holes or laying foundations.
  2. Durable and weather-resistant: The fence panels are made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel and are coated with a corrosion-resistant zinc finish, ensuring long-lasting performance in various weather conditions.
  3. Versatile: The fencing system can be adapted to create a gate at any point on the perimeter, providing maximum flexibility and convenience.
  4. Economical: The temporary fence panels can be reused time and time again, making them a cost-effective solution for securing different sites or events.
  5. Easy storage and transportation: The fence panels and base feet are designed for easy disassembly and storage, allowing for efficient transportation and distribution.


Chain link temporary fence panels are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Construction sites: These fences provide a secure perimeter around construction sites, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring the safety of workers and the general public.
  2. Events and concerts: Temporary fence panels can be used to control crowds, establish boundaries, and create secure areas for attendees and performers.
  3. Disaster relief and emergency situations: These fences can be quickly deployed to secure affected areas and provide temporary shelter during natural disasters or emergencies.
  4. Agricultural and livestock containment: Temporary fence panels can be used to contain animals or protect crops from damage.

Production Process:

The production of chain link temporary fence panels involves a series of steps, including:

  1. Preparing hot-dip galvanized wire and cutting wire and pipes to the required lengths.
  2. Weaving the wire mesh and cutting the corners to create the desired mesh opening size.
  3. Welding pre-hot-dip galvanized pipes and polishing the welds.
  4. Painting anti-rust epoxy on the welds and spraying silver powder coating to enhance corrosion resistance.
  5. Stacking and packaging the fence panels and accessories for transportation.

In conclusion,

chain link temporary fence panels offer a versatile, durable, and cost-effective solution for securing construction sites, events, and other applications. With detailed specifications, numerous advantages, and a streamlined production process, these fences are an excellent choice for contractors and event organizers seeking high-quality and reliable temporary fencing options.

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