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Plastic Construction Fence


Plastic Construction Fence

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Our Plastic Construction Fence is made of HDPE and added UV stabilized the mesh available rectangular and diamond mesh come with the flat surface lightweight design and low-cost Plastic Safety Fencing can be used to ensure the public is directed safely in or around areas of works or to ensure traffic is aware of works by providing a clear walkway. Safety fence is also named as warning barrier and snow fence. The Plastic Construction Fence color is orange, designed for warning. It adopts PE as a significant raw material with UV added and manufactured through plasticizing. It is featured with high strength, aging resistance, anti-corrosion, softness and portability, and recycling. Safety warning mesh is a colored plastic mesh for marking buried underground services. Made of high-density polyethylene, nylon, and polypropylene to ensure the construction is safe. Knitted with a particular method. Plastic fences can use it for construction sites to prevent debris and objects from falling and ensure safety for workers and pedestrians.


Our Plastic Construction Fence is a flexible design with different mesh apertures. These plastic fencing available Plastic Orange Construction Fence can customize lots of colors according to customers requirements it also can be the temporary plastic fence or short term crowd control barriers.

HDPE with UV stabilizer inside
Mesh size
3', 4', 1m,1.22m etc
100'/roll, 200'/roll, 165'/roll, 334'/roll, 50m/roll,100m/roll
Orange, Green, Yellow, Orange Red, Blue or Black.
Construction Fence ,worksite,snow/sand fencing,sport events etc
  • 1) These products are used as Plastic Fence or warning barriers for Building sites and sporting events. And they are also used as snow fencing.
  • 2) Reusable Usually packed in rolls in plastic film bags with labels inside and loosely loaded into the container.
  • 3) Can be manufactured in any height from 1 meter to 1.8 meters.
  • 4) Plastic Fencing Many different mesh sizes and roll sizes are available for the product.

Orange safety barrier fence features:

Plastic Construction fencing net surface is flat, solid and not easy to open, delicate and smooth, bright color has warning function, not easy to fade, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, good flexibility and other characteristics. Many occasions can use the orange safety fence in many fields such as a decorative fence, high-grade fence, etc., it can be used repeatedly as a warning on the construction site.


Production Of Plastic Construction Fence
Plastic Constrction Fence 1

Packing and Shipping of Plastic Construction Fence

plastic construction fence
Plastic Constrction Fence 3

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