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Construction Fence Panels


Construction Fence Panels

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Construction Fence Panels are designed to provide site security temporarily. They are easy to assemble and reuse, making them an excellent investment. Standard Construction Fencing Panels are a versatile piece of equipment, ideal for construction sites and outdoor events. Our Fence Panels are manufactured from pre-galvanized steel, and these panels come at the height of 4' 6' 8' and width 9' 10' 12' 14'. The chain link-infilled mesh or welded mesh of the fence panel helps make it wind resistant as air can flow through it freely, ensuring that it won't collapse with the help of the stabilizers.

Construction Fence Panels 6'x10' and 6'x12' 0
temporary chain link construction fence panels
1.1 Application

The construction fence panels are also known as temporary panels. These temp fence panels are easy to install and relocate. It is widely used for temporary construction sites, special events, crowd control, etc. The temp fence panels are made up of fences, feet, and clamps. All of those are easy to transport and assemble. It is widely used. Most temporary fences hire companies and fencing contractors in the USA market choose 6'x9.5' or 6'x10' fence panels 6'x12' fence panels. Please note: We advise against using tarpaulin with our square top construction fence panel due to high winds being unable to pass through the tarpaulin and potentially damaging the panel.

1.2 Customization options:

- Pedestrian or Vehicle Gates for Construction Fence Panels
- Sign tagging
- Stabilising Bars
- Anti-Lift Device
- Debris Netting

1.3 Feature

Powder Coated Construction Fence Panels With many available high visibility colors to choose from. Anchored to sturdy metal bases, connected at the top by metal clips. Temp fence and block can quickly and easily install temporary fencing systems without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations. Our Construction Fence Panels Complied The Following Standard; Hot-dip galvanization up to ISO 1461 standard Weld strength up to 70% Wire thickness up to EN 10244 standard 100% on-time shipment protection

1.4 Specification
Description-Square Tube Temporary Fencing Panels
Material low-carbon steel
Uses The crash barrier, road barrier, guide rail, portable fencing
Application Secure constriction, private property, major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, and gatherings
  1. install the steel wire construction fence above-ground without the need to drill holes

  2. Available in a variety of colors

  3. event fence can be a good appearance

Specification Construction Fence Panels
Wire diameter 3.0mm, 3.5mm (popular), 4.0mm, etc.
H*L H:3.75', 4', 6', 8'ft; L: 8', 9.5', 10'ft, etc
Frame/middle pipe 30mm×30 mm, 25mm×25mm & 20mm×20mm, etc
Opening 50mm×100mm (2''×4'')
Surface treatment Hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, PVC coating


Canada Construction Fence Panels

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