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Clearvu fence


Clearvu fence

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Clearvu fence design provides a very high level of security, almost impossible to climb. The narrow holes of the mesh prevent any intruder from gaining a foothold while maintaining good visibility and a beautiful appearance. The system is widely used by the Department of defense in highly secure locations.


·The welding strength of the clearvu fence is 75% of the minimum tensile strength of welding wire (tensile range 540-690 n / m2).
·The system combines anti-climbing and anti-cutting fence, which has good penetration visibility and anti destruction.
·Combined with steel mesh, various aesthetic images can be obtained.
·Clearvu Fence can be painted in the required color or galvanized.
·Additional panel length may be provided for burial at 300 mm underground to prevent excavation.

Clearvu Fence Barriers Metal column information

Clearvu Fencing Come With Column adopts RHS profile or C column: measurement. 50 × 50 mm, 60 × 60 mm or 60 × 80 mm, internal hot-dip galvanizing (40-60 g / m2)
·It's made up of solid and durable panels. The standard column size of a safety fence is 80-100-120-140-160-180-200-220-240 cm high.
·The Clearvu Fencing Post &column is coated with polyester-based 80-120 micron or PVC-based thermoplastic powder coating (200 microns). The Post covered by thermoplastic coating is guaranteed for ten years, and the Post covered by electrostatic coating is guaranteed for five years.

·The Clearvu Fencing's usual color is green. But it can be made in different colors according to the requirements.
·The coating used in the process is not affected by ultraviolet rays and does not fade. It's 90 percent bright.
·Stick a plastic cover with a UV additive on the column to prevent water and any damage.
·For concrete applications, columns are mounted on concrete with steel pins. Place the flange under the column for direct application to the concrete floor.
·The utility model is used for soil application; it does not need to be polished, and long piles are used when the base is used.
·If the shaving thread is applied to the Clearvu Fencing column, the single curved neck or double-curved neck shall be used directly
·Using clips and clips, the Clearvu Fence Panel is attached to the Post. Accessories used in these applications can be plastic or metal.

Product Features:

♦High standard security
♦Anti-climb and anti-cut
♦Difficult to move
♦Different post options are available for you to choose
♦Wire thickness, mesh size, and panel size are customized

Shijiazhuang DouDou high security anti-climb fencing

Specification of Clearvu Fence

♦ Panel
Mesh Size Hight Width Line Wire x CrossWire (Nos. of Curves) Post Length Nos of Brackets
1800 2500/2750/3000
3 2600 6
2000 2500/2750/3000 4 2700 7
2200 2500/2750/3000 4 2800 8
2400 2500/2750/3000 4 3000 9
2700 2500/2750/3000 5 3500 10
3000 2250/3000 5 4000 12
4000 2250 5 5200 14
♦The above description is the specifications of Mesh Panel-3D.
The security 358 fence is divided into Mesh Panel-3D, Mesh Panel-2D, and Mesh-2D Plus.
Clearvu Fencing 2D Panel without curves.
2D plus with one additional horizontal wire every 11 mesh.
The wire thickness, panel height, and panel width are different; please contact us for the details.
♦ Clearvu Fencing Post
Square Post IPE post Rectangle post C post with a flat bar
Popular size A 60x60mm 100x55mm 60x80mm 60x80mm
Popular size B 80x80mm 100x68mm 80x100mm 80x100mm
Popular size C 100x100mm 120x74mm 100x150mm 100x150mm
Wall thickness 1.2-1.5mm 1.2-2.0mm 2.5-5.0mm 2.0-5.0mm
♦Razor wire and Angel's arm
Shijiazhuang DouDou high security anti-climb fencing
♦The angle arm is unnecessary; you can consider it to be more secure.
♦Surface Treatment
♦PP: Polyester powder coated; EDG: Electric dip galvanized; HDG: Hot-dip galvanized;
♦ST2 PRE-HDG,zinc coating have 3classes(Classes one : 40-60g/sqm; Classes two : 80-100g/sqm; Classes three : 200-300g/sqm);
♦ST3 GALFAN ,zinc aluminum(95%ZN5%AL);
♦ST4 HDG, zinc layer thickness 75-100um.

Fencing Post optional clearvu Fencing

Clearvu Fence For Prison Mesh fence Application

  • Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening
  • Psychiatric hospital security fencing
  • Prison security fencing
  • Factory machine guards
  • Walkway security fencing
  • Airport security fencing
  • Shipping Port Security fencing
  • Electrical sub-station fencing
  • Gas pipelines security fence
  • High security living area and private field fence.
Clear Vu (Clearvu) High Security Mesh Anti Climb Fence Supplier

Clear Vu (Clearvu) High Security Mesh Anti Climb Fence Supplier
Clear Vu ( Clearvu ) High security Mesh Anti Climb Fence 5
Packaging & Shipping

1, anti-climb wire mesh panel: on the pallet
2, Post: packed in a plastic bag and then wrapped by air bubble film
3, as your requirement.
Clear Vu ( Clearvu ) High security Mesh Anti Climb Fence 6

  1. Panel: Metal pallet wrapped with cardboard plate and then wrapped with plastic film
  2. Post: Wrapped with PP bags, then put on a pallet, wrapped with plastic film
  3. Accessories: Carton box or Nylon bags
  4. Customized packing is available
Clear Vu ( Clearvu ) High security Mesh Anti Climb Fence 7


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