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Temporary Chain Link Fencing for Construction


Temporary Chain Link Fencing for Construction

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Temporary chain link fencing is a vital part of any construction project. It offers a strong barrier around the work area, keeping both workers and the public safe from potential dangers. In this article, we'll delve into the details of temporary chain link fence specifications, their benefits, and their many uses in construction projects.


The table below highlights the typical specifications for temporary chain link fences used in construction:

Specification Description
Material Galvanized steel wire or PVC coated steel wire
Wire Gauge 11-12.5 gauge (2.95-2.41mm)
Mesh Size 2"x2" (50mmx50mm) or 2"x4" (57mmx57mm)
Height 4ft (1.22m), 6ft (1.83m), or 8ft (2.44m)
Length Commonly 10ft (3.05m) or customizable
Frame Diameter 1.5" (38mm), 1.75" (44mm) or 2" (50mm)
Frame Thickness 1.5-3mm
Base Metal or concrete blocks, T-stands or cross stands
Finish Hot-dip galvanized or PVC coated


Temporary chain link fences offer several advantages for construction sites:

  1. Security: These fences provide a sturdy and long-lasting barrier that stops unauthorized entry, theft, and damage on the construction site.

  2. Safety: Fences protect workers and the public from possible risks by separating the construction area from pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

  3. Affordable: Chain link fences are reasonably priced and can be reused, making them an economical choice for temporary site security.

  4. Simple installation and removal: Temporary fencing can be easily set up and taken down as needed, allowing for fast adjustments to the work area.

  5. Visibility: The open mesh design of chain link fencing allows for clear sightlines, enabling site managers to keep an eye on activity and maintain safety.


Temporary chain link fences are commonly used in various construction applications, such as:

  1. Building construction: Secure the border of construction sites for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

  2. Roadwork and infrastructure projects: Guard workers and the public during road repairs, bridge construction, and utility installations.

  3. Demolition sites: Separate demolition areas from the public to prevent accidents and unauthorized access.

  4. Event management: Secure the border of temporary events, like concerts, festivals, or sporting events, held in public spaces.

  5. Environmental remediation: Contain dangerous materials and stop unauthorized entry during environmental cleanup projects.

In summary, temporary chain link fencing is a critical component for projects, offering security, safety, and affordability. With adjustable specifications, it can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any construction site.

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