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Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Fence 2200x3000


Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Fence 2200x3000

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The Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Fence 2200x3000 with mesh opening 50mm x 200mm, designed in America and manufactured in China, offers a robust and durable solution for your fencing needs. This fence, produced by 3d fence panels, ensures long-lasting performance and is available at an affordable price.


Firstly, this galvanized wire fence features low carbon steel wire material, which is hot-dipped to ensure maximum durability. The fence is available in various wire diameters, such as 3mm, 3.76mm, 4mm, and 4.5mm. Additionally, the mesh grid dimension options include 50x100, 70x140, and 60x200mm.

Furthermore, the welded wire mesh fence uses PVC coating for added protection against the elements. The fence can be easily installed, thanks to the linking accessories and steel pipe that securely fix the fence in place.


The Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Fence 2200x3000 is ideal for various applications, including:

  1. Residential and commercial property boundaries
  2. Agricultural and livestock fencing
  3. Sports facilities and parks
  4. Industrial and construction site protection

Weight and Materials

The weight of the fence varies depending on the wire diameter and mesh grid dimensions. The fence is primarily made of low carbon iron wire and stainless steel wire, ensuring a strong and sturdy product.

Complied Standard

The Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Fence 2200x3000 meets the ISO certification standard, ensuring you receive a reliable and high-quality product.

Specification Descriptions

The fence is available in different dimensions

Panel height Panle Length Wire Diameter Mesh Size Folds No.



Gal+PVC Painted



Gal+PVC Coated







1.23m 2
1.5m 3
1.53m 3
1.7m 3
1.73m 3
1.8m 4
1.93m 4
2.0m 4
2.03m 4
2.4m 4

In conclusion

the Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Fence 2200x3000, manufactured in China, is an affordable and reliable fencing solution. With various mesh grid dimensions, wire diameters, and customizable sizes, this fence is perfect for any application. Contact us now to get the best price for your fencing needs.


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