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PVC Coated Chain Link Fence China Factory Free Quote


PVC Coated Chain Link Fence China Factory Free Quote

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If you're looking for a fencing solution that is both durable and flexible, a PVC coated chain link fence might be just what you need. This type of fencing is perfect for a variety of uses, from pet enclosures to garden borders. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the features and components of PVC or PE chain link fencing.

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Features of PVC Coated Chain Link Fence

PVC coated chain link fencing is made from galvanized steel wire that has been coated with PVC. This coating provides several advantages, including:

  • High load capacity: The steel wire used in chain link fencing is strong and able to withstand heavy loads.
  • Easy cleaning: PVC coated chain link fencing requires no pre- or post-treatment to maintain its appearance.
  • Environmentally friendly: The PVC coating is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other types of coatings.
  • Long-lasting: The PVC coating ensures that the fence maintains its form and color stability for many years.

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A complete set of PVC coated chain link fencing includes several components, such as:

  • Netting Material: The galvanized steel wire that has been coated with PVC makes up the chain link netting.
  • Surface Treatment: The PVC coating provides additional protection against weathering and other environmental factors.
  • Wire Thickness: The thickness of the wire can vary depending on the load capacity required.
  • Mesh Size: The size of the mesh can also vary depending on the intended use of the fence.
  • Posts: Fence posts are used to anchor the fence in place.
  • Diagonal Struts: These provide additional support to the fence posts.
  • Tension Wire: This wire is used to keep the fence taut and prevent sagging.
  • Binding Wire: This wire is used to attach the netting to the fence posts.
  • Clips: These are used to attach the netting to the tension wire.
  • Wire Tensioners: These are used to tighten the tension wire as needed.

Advantages  PVC coated chain link fence

One of the primary advantages of PVC coated chain link fencing is its flexibility. The material can be easily cut to size using basic tools, making it a great option for odd-shaped areas. Additionally, the fencing is lightweight and easy to install, making it a popular choice for DIY projects.


Specification Details
Place of Origin American Design China Made
Brand Name LNF-black powder coated chain link fence
Certification ASTM392 ASTM396
Model Number 2" mesh etc
Materials Q235 Steel
Color Any Ral Color
Treatment Hot Dipped Glavanized, Powder Coated
Mesh Opening 65mm X 65mm, 50mm X 50mm, 55mm X 55mm, 75mm X 75mm, 60mm X 60mm, 80mm X 80mm
Diameter 1.5mm To 5.00mm
Type Woven Mesh
Warranty 5-25 Years Depand On The Treatment
Main Market Europea, Middle East, USA, AU Etc
Accessoires Tension Band, Bar, Steel Plate, and Post Caps Etc
Customized Available
Feature Diamond Mesh
Application Garden Fence, Farm Fence, Residential Fence, Highway Fence, Railway Fence, Balcony Fence, Airport Fence, Stadium Fence, Municipal Fence, Bridge Fence, Stair Fence, Air-Condition Fence, and Son
Trade Mark N/M
Sample Free But Pay Freight Cost
Nickname CYCLONE FENCE, wire Netting, Wire-mesh Fence, Chain-wire Fence, Cyclone Fence, Hurricane Fence, Or Diamond-mesh Fence
Netting Material Galvanized steel
Surface Treatment PVC coated
Wire thickness 1.8/2.8
Mesh size 60mm
Length 15m
Height 150cm
Post diameter 38mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Length of post 120cm
Diagonal struts diameter 38mm
Thickness of struts 1.2mm
Length of struts 120cm
Tension wire 2.5/3.5mm, 55m length
Binding wire 1.4/2.2mm, 25m length
Clips 21
Wire tensioners 3


PVC coated chain link fencing is a durable and flexible fencing solution that is perfect for a variety of uses, including pet enclosures, garden borders, and more. Its PVC coating provides several benefits, including high load capacity, easy cleaning, and long-lasting form and color stability. With the right components and installation, a  chain link fence can provide a reliable and attractive fencing solution for years to come.

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