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Chain Link Panel Clamps - China Fence Factory


Chain Link Panel Clamps - China Fence Factory

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Chain link panel clamps are essential accessories for dog kennels and chain link fences. They help to connect and secure the panels, providing stability and durability to your fencing system. This article will discuss the advantages and features of these clamps, as well as their uses.

Size and Material of Chain Link Panel Clamps

The Top Fencing Store offers dog kennel panel clamps designed to fit 1-3/8" (32mm) round rails and posts. These clamps are made from durable pressed steel, which has been galvanized to prevent rusting. Over time, the galvanized surface may darken due to oxidation, but this is a normal occurrence and does not affect the clamp's performance.

Specification Details
Size 1-3/8" (32mm)
Material Galvanized pressed steel
Brand Top Fencing
Color Panel Clamp
Style Modern
Package Quantity 8 clamps
Included Hardware Carriage bolts and nuts
Suitable for Dog kennels, chain link fences

Easy Installation and Use

One of the key advantages of chain link panel clamps is their ease of installation. These clamps come with all necessary hardware, including carriage bolts and nuts, making them simple to install and operate. Their user-friendly design ensures a quick and efficient assembly process.


The primary use of chain link panel clamps is to connect and secure two sections of dog fencing or temporary chain link fence. They provide stability and keep the panels in place, ensuring a safe and secure area for your pets or other purposes. These clamps are versatile and can be used in various settings, such as dog kennels, pet play areas, and construction sites.

Package Size and Customer Support

The Top Fencing Store offers a pack of 8 chain link panel clamps, providing you with enough clamps to secure your fencing system. In case of any questions or concerns, their customer support team is available to help you and ensure a satisfactory experience.

Importance of Choosing the Right Clamps

Selecting the correct size and style of chain link panel clamps is essential for the stability and durability of your fence or dog kennel. It is crucial to choose clamps that match the diameter of your fence posts and rails to ensure a secure connection. Using high-quality clamps, like those offered by the Top Fencing Store, can make a significant difference in the longevity and performance of your fencing system.


In conclusion, chain link panel clamps are indispensable accessories for dog kennels and chain link fences. They provide stability and security, ensuring that your fencing system remains in place and performs well. The Top Fencing Store's clamps are made from durable materials and designed for easy installation, making them an excellent choice for your fencing needs.

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