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4x10 Portable Fence Panels: China Fencing Factory


4x10 Portable Fence Panels: China Fencing Factory

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4x10 portable fence panels are a highly versatile and durable fencing option, perfect for outfield fencing, crowd control, special events, and various other applications where portability is essential. Although the initial cost may be higher than conventional fencing, the long-term durability and user-friendly design make these panels a cost-effective choice over time. Let's explore the unique features, advantages, and applications of these portable fence panels.

4x10 Portable Fence Panel Specifications

Feature Specification
Panel Dimensions 4'H x 10'W
Panel Weight 63 lbs
Frame Material 1⅜" heavy-wall Flo-Coat® galvanized steel
Chain Link Fabric 11.5-gauge, 2⅜" mesh
Fabric Edges Knuckled and galvanized
Tension Bars Galvanized steel
Leg Options One-sided and extendable (fixed and adjustable)
Storage Legs swivel under panel for flat storage
Connectors Hinges and connector pins
Optional Accessories Wickets
Quantity Discounts Available for orders of 10 or more panels


Measuring 4 feet high and 10 feet wide, each portable fence panel weighs 63 pounds. The frames are constructed from strong, rust-resistant 1⅜-inch heavy-wall Flo-Coat® galvanized steel, ensuring longevity. The 11.5-gauge, 2⅜-inch chain link fabric is knuckled and galvanized to prevent sharp edges, and galvanized steel tension bars are employed on the two 4-foot sides to maintain fabric tightness.

Two leg options are available: one-sided and extendable (with one fixed side and one adjustable side). Legs can swivel under the panel for flat storage, making transportation and storage a breeze. Additionally, each panel comes with hinges and connector pins for seamless fence construction. Optional wickets can be added for increased stability during use.


4x10 portable fence panels are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Outfield fencing for sports fields
  • Crowd control during concerts, parades, and other public events
  • Temporary fencing for construction sites and road work
  • Special events such as festivals, fairs, and outdoor markets
  • Emergency and disaster relief situations


There are numerous benefits to using 4x10 portable fence panels:

  • Long-term durability, reducing overall expenses over time
  • Easy installation, transport, and storage
  • User-friendly design
  • Customizable with optional wickets and leg options
  • Continuous fencing with the inclusion of hinges and connector pins
  • Quantity discounts available for orders of 10 or more panels


4x10 portable fence panels are made to order, with large quantities requiring additional lead time. Each panel is carefully packaged for secure transportation and minimal risk of damage. With all these benefits, it's clear why 4x10 portable fence panels are an excellent alternative to traditional fencing solutions. Invest in these durable, user-friendly panels for all your fencing needs.

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