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Barbed Wire Arm with 2 3/8" posts (vertical) and 1 5/8" top rails


Barbed Wire Arm with 2 3/8" posts (vertical) and 1 5/8" top rails

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Barbed Wire Arm: The Ultimate Accessory for Chain Link Fences

In an ever-changing world, security is a top priority for many property owners. The barbed wire bracket, specifically designed for chain link fences, is a valuable addition to enhance the security and versatility of your fencing system.


  1. Security Enhancement: The 45-degree barbed wire arm accepts three strands of barbed wire, providing an added layer of security to deter trespassers and potential intruders.

  2. Agricultural Use: Not only limited to security purposes, barbed wire bracket can also be used to create trellises for growing plants, such as grapevines, in your garden or vineyard.


  1. Versatile: The barbed wire bracket is compatible with 2 3/8" posts (vertical) and 1 5/8" top rails (horizontal), making it suitable for a variety of chain link fence setups.

  2. Durable: Made from galvanized steel, Barbed Wire Arms are designed to last and remain rust-resistant, ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality product.

  3. Easy to Install: With a pack size of six, you can easily extend your chain link fence or create trellises without the need for professional assistance.


Specification Details
Product Name 45-Degree barbed wire support arm for Chain Link Fence
Brand Top Fencing
Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars (34 ratings)
Amazon's Choice "barb wire arm"
Angle 45-degree
Barbed Wire Capacity Accepts three strands of barbed wire
Compatible Post Size 2 3/8" (vertical)
Compatible Rail Size 1 5/8" (horizontal)
Pack Size 6 barbed wire arms
Material Galvanized steel
Rust Resistance Yes
Weight 8.7 pounds (approximate)
Use Cases Security enhancement, agricultural trellises

Packing and Shipping

When you order your Barbed Wire Arms, they come in a pack of six, ensuring you have enough to complete your project. The package weighs approximately 8.7 pounds, making it convenient to transport and handle during installation.

In conclusion, barbed wire bracket are an excellent addition to your chain link fence system. They offer enhanced security, versatility, and durability, making them a worthwhile investment for any property owner. Add these to your fence today and enjoy the peace of mind and additional functionality they provide.

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