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Chain Link Fence Tension Band Customized and Quote


Chain Link Fence Tension Band Customized and Quote

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Chain link fence tension bands are crucial components for securing your chain link fence effectively. These hot-dip galvanized steel bands provide strong hardness, high corrosion resistance, and excellent performance in outdoor environments. With the 1-5/8"  tension band, you can efficiently complete the installation of your fence, ensuring a stable and long-lasting structure. In this article, we will explore the applications, advantages, and packing details of the tension band.


Specification Details
Material Alloy Steel
Brand Top Fencing
Item dimensions (LxWxH) 18 x 15 x 12 centimeters
Assembly required Yes
Number of pieces 20
Tension band size 1-5/8" (For 1-5/8" OD Post/Pipe)
Package includes 20 x Tension Bands, 20 x Bolts, 20 x Nuts


The chain link fence tension bands are versatile, making them ideal for various applications. They can be used in chain link fences, kennels, and other outdoor structures that require a secure and reliable connection. By using these tension bands with tension bars (not included), you can effectively hold the chain link fabric in place, ensuring a stable and durable fence structure.

  1. Residential Fencing: Chain Wire Fence with tension bands are widely used in residential areas to provide security, delineate property boundaries, and keep children and pets safely within the property.

  2. Commercial Fencing: Businesses and commercial establishments utilize chain wire mesh with tension bands to secure their premises, protect valuable assets, and deter potential intruders.

  3. Industrial Fencing: Industrial facilities employ chain link fences with tension bands to protect valuable equipment and secure hazardous areas, ensuring the safety of employees and preventing unauthorized access.


What benefits do chain link fence tension bands offer

  1. Hot-dip galvanized steel: The  tension bands are made from alloy steel, providing strong corrosion resistance and excellent performance in various atmospheric conditions such as acid and alkali. This feature makes them suitable for outdoor environments.
  2. Easy installation: The  tension bands enable quick and effortless installation. With the included bolts and nuts, you can easily secure the bands to the fence post without the need for additional purchases.
  3. Customizable sizing: The tension bands are designed for a 1-5/8" outer diameter fence post, ensuring a perfect fit for your chain wire fence structure.
The  tension band package comes as a combo set, containing:
  1. 20 x 1-5/8" tension bands
  2. 20 x bolts
  3. 20 x nuts

These components ensure that you have everything you need for a successful installation, without having to buy bolts and nuts separately.

In conclusion

the  tension band is an essential component for securing your chain link fence. With its hot-dip galvanized steel construction, easy installation process, and customizable sizing, this tension band is an excellent choice for enhancing the durability and stability of your fence structure. Invest in the reliable  fence tension band for a long-lasting, secure fencing solution.

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