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8 ft Chain Link Fence Rolls Rolls China Fencing Factory


8 ft Chain Link Fence Rolls Rolls China Fencing Factory

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Chain link fences have long been a popular choice for property owners seeking a durable and versatile fencing solution. Our 8 ft chain link fence rolls are designed with exceptional quality in mind, providing a strong, long-lasting, and attractive barrier for various applications. Manufactured in Europe and assembled in China, these fences offer the best of both worlds in terms of design and affordability.


Our chain link fences are available in various materials and specifications to suit your requirements. The wire diameter ranges from 1-4mm, while the mesh size options include 5x5, 10x10, 20x20, 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, and 60x60. Roll lengths start at 10 meters, with standard netting heights of 50mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2500mm, and 4000mm. Additionally, we offer a selection of colors, such as green (RAL 6005) and brown (RAL 8019), to match your aesthetic preferences.

Specification Details
Wire Diameter 1-4mm
Mesh Size 5x5, 10x10, 20x20, 30x30, 40x40, 50x50, 60x60
Roll Length 10 meters and up
Netting Heights 50mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2500mm, 4000mm
Standard Post Heights 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 4000mm, 4500mm, 5500mm
Colors Green (RAL 6005), Brown (RAL 8019)


Our 8 ft chain link fences offer several advantages over other types of fencing. Firstly, they boast a uniform mesh hole size, ensuring a consistent and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Additionally, they provide excellent corrosion resistance, thanks to their high-quality steel wire construction and various surface treatments, such as electro galvanization and PVC coating. This durability ensures that your fence will maintain its integrity and appearance for years to come without sagging or rolling up at the bottom.


The versatility of our 8 ft chain link fence rolls makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. Industries often choose this fencing solution due to its high quality and competitive pricing. Common uses include highway fencing, stadium fencing, machine protection, green belt fencing, and zoo fencing. Moreover, the chain link fence can also serve as a decorative element or a protective barrier, depending on your needs.

Packing and Shipping

To ensure the safe and secure delivery of your 8 ft chain link fence rolls, we use all-metal pallets for packaging. Our standard shipping time is 7 working days, with a minimum order quantity of 500 linear meters. We offer a flexible payment plan, requiring a 30% deposit upfront and the remaining 70% due upon completion of the product. Our supply capacity is an impressive 10,000 linear meters, so you can trust us to fulfill your fencing needs.

In Conclusion

Our 8 ft chain link fence rolls offer a heavy gauge, high-quality fencing solution for a variety of applications. With their impressive durability, versatility, and customizable features, you can trust our fences to provide an effective and attractive barrier for your property. Contact us today to get the best price and enhance your property's security and aesthetics with our outstanding chain link fence options.

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