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6x12 Construction Fence | Reliable Solutions China Factory


6x12 Construction Fence | Reliable Solutions China Factory

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When it comes to construction sites, ensuring the safety and security of the area is of utmost importance. That's why Top Fence provides reliable and high-quality 6x12 construction fence panels that are specifically designed to meet the demands of construction projects. Our fences offer superior protection, durability, and ease of installation, making them the ideal choice for securing your construction site.

The horizontal tube of the base has large holes, and the vertical tube is inserted into the welding to make the product more stable.

Fence Panels

Specification Dimensions
Panel Dimensions 6' × 12' (1.8 × 3.66 m)
Wire Diameter 9 ga/2.9 mm, 10.5 ga/2.7 mm, 11 ga/2.3 mm, 11.5 ga/2.4 mm, 12 ga/2.0 mm (optional)
Mesh Opening 2" (50 × 50 mm), 2.25" (57 × 57 mm), 2.4" (60 × 60 mm), 2.75" (70 × 70 mm) (optional)
Frame O.D. 1.25"/32 mm, 1.5"/38 mm, 1.6"/40 mm round (optional)
Brace Cross, vertical, horizontal brace with 1"/2.54 mm round or the same with frame O.D.
Frame Structure 360° full welded tubular frame
Surface Treatment Hot dipped galvanized, Pre-galvanized
Attached Way Mesh wrapped around the flat bar then connect with clamps, Galvanized wire wrapped with steel frame in a tension way

Fence Stands

Fence Feet Specification Dimensions
Material Steel plate, steel solid rod, steel pipe
Fence Feet Type Square, oval, flat
Square/Oval Feet Dimensions 36" × 13.75" × 20" (915 × 350 × 200 mm), 30" × 18" × 20" (760 × 460 × 200 mm) (optional)
Flat Feet Dimensions 23.6" × 4.3" × 0.3" (600 × 110 × 8 mm), 35.4" × 3.0" × 0.25" (900 × 80 × 7 mm) (optional)
Hole Size O.D. 19 mm
Interior Round Steel Rod/Pipe 30 mm O.D. × 150 mm H
Exterior Square Steel Rod/Pipe 30 × 30 × 150 mm
Rod Space 30 mm
Surface Treatment Hot dipped galvanized, Pre-galvanized

6x12 construction fence stands

Small holes are punched in the horizontal tube of the base to allow rainwater to flow out to prevent rust and prolong the service life;

Fence Clamps

Clamp Specification
Clamp Center Distance 80 mm, 90 mm, 100 mm (optional)
Applied Post O.D. 25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm (optional)
Clamp TH 4 mm
Bolt Length available 100/60/40 mm with a 10 mm and 8 mm outer diameter
Nut 15.9 mm, 17 mm (optional)
Surface Treatment Hot dipped galvanized, Pre-galvanized
Weight 0.42 kg/set
Accessory List 2 pieces clamps with 1 bolt and 1 nut

Loading & Packing

Ensure secure and convenient transportation with our efficient loading and packing options for 6x12 construction fence panels. Our professional team utilizes expert packing techniques to maximize space utilization and protect the fence panels during transit. With our reliable loading methods, your construction fencing will arrive in optimal condition, ready for installation. Contact us to discuss your loading and packing requirements for a seamless construction fence delivery

High-Quality 6x12 Construction Fence Panels

The 6x12 construction fence panels provided by Top Fence are constructed using top-grade materials to ensure their strength and longevity. With a sturdy tubular frame and high-quality galvanized steel wire, these fences are built to withstand the rigors of construction environments. The 6x12 dimensions provide ample coverage for your site, ensuring that it remains well-protected.

Strength and Durability: Materials Used in Construction Fences

One of the key advantages of our 6x12 construction fence panels is their ease of installation. We understand that time is valuable on a construction site, which is why our fences are designed for quick and efficient setup. The panels can be easily connected using specially designed clamps, allowing for a secure and stable installation. This means that you can have your construction site protected in no time, saving you both time and effort.

Easy Installation for Efficient Site Setup

Security is paramount when it comes to construction sites, and our 6x12 construction fences offer the level of protection you need. The durable galvanized steel wire and robust tubular frame ensure that the fence can withstand external forces and unauthorized access attempts. This provides a strong deterrent to trespassers and helps maintain a safe and secure environment for your construction project.

Ensuring Security: Protection Against Unauthorized Access

Additionally, the 6x12 construction fence panels are designed with portability in mind. They can be easily dismantled and moved to different areas of your site as needed. This flexibility allows you to adapt the fencing to the evolving requirements of your construction project, ensuring that your site remains secure at all times.

Portability and Flexibility: Adapting to Changing Site Requirements

At Top Fence, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our 6x12 construction fence panels are manufactured to the highest standards, using advanced production techniques and stringent quality control measures. This ensures that you receive a reliable and durable product that meets your specific needs.

Top Fence's Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

In conclusion, Top Fence offers high-quality 6x12 construction fence panels that provide the security and protection your construction site requires. With easy installation, superior durability, and robust materials, our fences are designed to withstand the challenges of construction environments. Trust Top Fence to safeguard your construction site and ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Safeguard Your Construction Site with Top Fence's 6x12 Construction Fence Panels

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