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Temporary Chain Link Fencing: China Factory Free MOQ 100 kit


Temporary Chain Link Fencing: China Factory Free MOQ 100 kit

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In today's fast-paced world, security is a top priority for events, construction sites, and various temporary applications. Temporary chain link fencing has emerged as a versatile solution that combines durability, ease of installation, and excellent rust resistance. This article explores the key features and advantages of construction chain link fencing, highlighting its unique characteristics and wide range of applications.

Fence Panels

Product Code Panel Size (mm) Frame Pipe (mm) Up-Right Pipe (mm)
ttf-1 6'*8',6'*10',6'12',614' OR Customized φ42 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2 φ42 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2
ttf-2 φ32 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2 φ32 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2 φ32 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2
ttf-3 φ30 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2 φ30 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2 φ30 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2

Temporary Fence Stand Specification:

Size 750mm L x 100 W x 8.0mm Wall Thick flat base or 30" length x 18" width x 8" Height / 762mm x 460mm x 203mm, (32mm) O.D. tube base
Treatment Hot-dipped Galvanized

Clamp Specification for Temporary Chain Link Fence Panels:

Size Specially molded 4.0mm wall thickness for additional strength, 50mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm hole spacing (C/C)
Treatment Hot Dipped Galvanized

Unparalleled Durability:

One of the standout features of temporary chain link fencing is its exceptional durability. Crafted with high-quality materials and excellent surface coating techniques, this fencing solution offers excellent rust resistance, ensuring a long lifespan of up to fifteen years. Whether it's protecting construction sites or managing crowds at events, temporary chain link fencing provides reliable security that you can count on.

Easy Installation:

With time being of the essence for temporary applications, ease of installation is crucial. Temporary chain link fencing excels in this aspect, providing a hassle-free setup process. Equipped with fully equipped powder coating lines, these fences can be quickly assembled and disassembled as needed, saving valuable time and effort. The unique modeling and lightweight design further contribute to the efficiency of installation.

Versatile Customization:

Temporary chain link fencing offers a wide range of customizable options to suit different security needs. The fencing panels are available in various sizes, such as 6'x8', 6'x10', 6'x12', and 6'x14', or can be customized to meet specific requirements. The frame and upright pipes are offered in different dimensions, including φ42 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2 and φ32 x 2.0/1.8/1.6/1.2, ensuring flexibility in design and adaptability to different environments.

Enhanced Security:

Chain link mesh, with a diameter of 57mm*57mm and a thickness of 2.6mm, forms a robust barrier, providing reliable security for a wide range of applications. Whether it's crowd control, site demarcation, or securing valuable assets, temporary chain link fencing offers a sturdy and effective solution. Additionally, galvanized base support and bracket posts provide stability and reinforcement, ensuring optimal security and durability.

Environmental Friendliness:

In today's environmentally conscious world, sustainable solutions are highly valued. temp fence panels chain wire meets these expectations by incorporating environmentally friendly features. The fencing structure is hot-dipped galvanized after being welded, and the tubes undergo pre-galvanization, followed by powder coating. This combination provides excellent corrosion resistance while minimizing environmental impact.



Temporary chain link fencing proves to be an exceptional choice for various security needs. Its unparalleled durability, easy installation, and customizable options make it a go-to solution for events, construction sites, and other temporary applications. By investing in high-quality and environmentally friendly fencing, you can ensure enhanced security and peace of mind. Upgrade your security strategy today with chain link fence panels and experience the benefits of this versatile solution.

Remember, whether it's securing a construction site or managing a large event, temporary chain link fencing provides the ideal combination of strength, flexibility, and convenience. Trust in its durability and easy installation to protect your temporary spaces effectively. Upgrade your security measures with temporary fence and enjoy the peace of mind it brings.

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