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Lowe's Chain Link Fence: A Reliable and Versatile Fencing Solution


Lowe's Chain Link Fence: A Reliable and Versatile Fencing Solution

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Lowe's chain link fence offers a dependable and versatile fencing solution for a wide range of applications. Made from galvanized steel, this type of fence is durable, cost-effective, and available in different specifications to suit various needs. In this article, we will delve into the features of galvanized steel chain link fences, highlight their advantages, discuss popular applications, and provide insights into available sizes and wire specifications.

Specifications and Wire Options:

Lowe's chain link fences come in various specifications to cater to diverse requirements. The mesh openings range from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches, and wire gauges vary from 1.24mm to 2.76mm. The roll size typically measures 1m by 30m, but custom sizes are also available. These specifications ensure a strong, durable, and flexible construction, making Lowe's cyclone fences suitable for both prestige and security applications.

Mesh Opening (inch) Wire Gauge (mm) Fence Weight (kg/m2)
1/2 14 4.4
3/4 12 6.0
3/4 14 3.3
3/4 16 1.9
1 12 4.0
1 14 2.4
1 16 1.4
5/4 12 3.2
5/4 14 1.92
3/2 10 4.0
3/2 12 2.7
3/2 14 1.6
2 8 4.16
2 10 3.0
2 11 2.5
2 12 2.0
1 1/4 10 2.76
1 1/4 12 2.10
1 1/4 14 1.65
1 1/2 10 2.76
1 1/2 12 2.10

Advantages of Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence:

Galvanized steel chain link fences are manufactured using pre-galvanized wires with a protective metallic coating. The galvanization process ensures excellent resistance against corrosion, making the fence suitable for outdoor use, even in challenging weather conditions. With a zinc protective layer, the galvanized steel chain link fence also offers good acid and alkaline resistance. Its bright, shiny surface adds an attractive touch to any property while providing a strong and secure barrier.

Why Choose Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence from Lowe's:

Lowe's offers galvanized steel chain link fence options that are both cost-effective and of high quality. Unlike other types of chain link fences that require additional processing steps or costly materials, galvanized steel chain link fences provide an affordable yet reliable fencing solution. For those who value vibrant colors, Lowe's also offers plastic-coated chain link fences that can be painted to match specific preferences.

Applications and Versatility:

Galvanized steel chain wire fences from Lowe's are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are commonly used as universal fencing solutions for residential properties, commercial complexes, and industrial sites. These fences can be utilized as boundary fences for playgrounds, gardens, highways, railways, airports, ports, and even tennis courts. Additionally, galvanized chain link fences are frequently used in animal breeding facilities due to their durability and secure construction.


Lowe's chain link fence, particularly the galvanized steel variety, offers a reliable and versatile fencing solution for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. With its durable construction, corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness, it provides an excellent boundary and security solution. Whether you require a fence for your garden, playground, or industrial site, Lowe's galvanized steel chain link fence is a dependable choice. Explore the available specifications, sizes, and wire options to find the perfect fence for your needs at Lowe's.

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