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3D Fence: China Fencing Factory Free Quote MOQ 100pcs


3D Fence: China Fencing Factory Free Quote MOQ 100pcs

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3D fences are growing in popularity in the realm of residential property security and aesthetics. Offering a unique blend of strength, versatility, and style, they present an attractive option for homeowners. Let's delve into the features and benefits of 3D fences, illustrating why they're a great addition to residential spaces.

A 3D wire mesh fence can be used for:

  1. Keeping Things Safe: It can be used to keep animals or things in a certain place. For example, on farms or in zoos.

  2. Protecting Areas: It can be used around homes, schools, or companies to stop people from getting in.

  3. Sports: In sports areas, like a baseball or soccer field, it can be used to stop balls from going out.

  4. Gardens: People use it to protect their plants from animals.

  5. Roads: It can be put up next to roads to stop people or animals from running onto the road.


3D fences are available in a variety of specifications. The panel height ranges from 1.03m to 2.03m, while the panel length can be either 2.0m or 2.5m. The wire diameter varies between 4.0mm and 5.0mm. Several mesh sizes are available, from 50x100mm to 60x150mm. The fences can be bent two, three, or four times for different designs. These fences are available in several colors, including green, grey, brown, black, and white. Surface treatments for these fences include hot dipped galvanizing, PVC coating, PE coating, and powder coating after the wire is welded.

Mesh Size Wire Diameter Panel Height Panel Width Bending No. Common Color Surface Treatment
50*100mm 4mm 830mm 2m 2 Green RAL 6005 Hot dipped galvanized after black wire welded
50*100mm 5mm 1030mm 2.2m 2 Grey RAL 7016 PVC coated after galvanized wire welded
50*200mm 4mm 1230mm 2.4m 2 Brown RAL 8019 PE coated after galvanized wire welded
50*200mm 5mm 1530mm 2.8m 3 Black RAL 9005 Powder coated after galvanized wire welded
55*100mm 4mm 1830mm 3m 4 White RAL 9010 Hot dipped galvanized after black wire welded
55*100mm 5mm 2030mm 2m 4 Green RAL 6005 PVC coated after galvanized wire welded
55*200mm 4mm 2230mm 2.2m 4 Grey RAL 7016 PE coated after galvanized wire welded
55*200mm 5mm 2430mm 2.4m 4 Brown RAL 8019 Powder coated after galvanized wire welded


3D fences are constructed to be long-lasting. Crafted with high-quality low carbon steel wire, they offer outstanding strength and durability. This sturdy material enables the fence to resist external forces, providing a reliable security barrier for your property.

Style and Versatility:

3D fences showcase a stylish and appealing design. Their 3D structure adds depth and sophistication, improving the aesthetic appeal of your property. With various mesh size options and the ability to customize based on individual preferences, 3D fences offer a great deal of flexibility. Additionally, they come in an array of colors and finishes, allowing homeowners to pick a fence that fits perfectly with their property's aesthetics.



In addition to their aesthetic appeal, 3D fences are excellent at providing security. The welded mesh panel construction and sturdy wire diameter create a strong and impenetrable barrier. This ensures the safety of your property and loved ones.

Ease of Installation:

3D fences are easy to install. Panels can be embedded directly into the wall or cement surface, providing a stable foundation. Safety accessories, such as flanges, add stability and ease the installation process. The flexibility of these fences allows for customization according to specific safety needs.

Versatile Applications:

3D fences aren't just for residential spaces. They can also be used in a variety of settings, including building exteriors, roads, bridges, public spaces, and more. This versatility makes them suitable for both practical and decorative purposes.


3D fences are getting more and more liked because they are strong and look good. They last a long time, look nice, and can be used in many ways. This makes them a top pick for people who want to make their homes safer and prettier. If you want to make your backyard safe, show where your property ends, or make your home look nicer, 3D fences are a great answer. Putting your money in a 3D fence can make your home safer and nicer to look at.

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