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Round Hole Perforated Stainless Steel | Buy Now


Round Hole Perforated Stainless Steel | Buy Now

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Let's dive deep into the world of round hole perforated stainless steel. These unique metal sheets are the product of CNC punching machines that punch a series of holes into a solid material. This process results in a versatile and sturdy perforated metal mesh. The holes in this mesh can take on various shapes - round, square, rectangular, slotted, or even decorative. Available in a broad range of hole sizes and patterns, you can get perforated designs that are straight or staggered.

Hole Size (inches) Hole Centers (inches) Hole Pattern Sheet Width (inches) Sheet Length (inches) Open Area (%)
0.027 - 1.0 0.05 - 1.25 Staggered and straight row 24 - 60 24 - 144 5 - 63

perforated stainless steel Specifications

Plate Material Thickness of Metal (mm) Hole Dia. (mm) Pitch (mm) Sheet Width (m) Porosity (%) Weight (kg/m2)
Rolling plate 0.2 6 2 1 44 0.88
Rolling plate 0.35 5 4 1 24 2
Rolling plate 0.45 6 3 1 35 2.5
Rolling plate 0.8 3 3 1 19.6 3
Flat plate 0.5 1 1 1 19.6 3.14
Flat plate 0.55 1.1 2.2 1 22.67 3.411
Flat plate 0.55 1.5 2.8 1 26.03 3.268
Stainless steel plate 0.5 1 1 1 19.6 3.14
Stainless steel plate 0.8 1.5 1.5 1 19.6 5
Aluminum plate 0.5 1 1 1 19.6 1.08
Aluminum plate 0.8 3 3 1 19.6 1.72

Round hole perforated stainless steel, a highly versatile material, plays a critical role in many industries and applications due to its unique characteristics.

This holey metal is widely used in construction and architecture. It looks nice and fancy, and it also helps reduce noise in cities and industrial areas.

It's great for filtering stuff in industries like food, chemicals, and water treatment. It keeps the bad stuff out while allowing liquids or gases to pass through, making production safer and better.

The car industry uses it too, especially for making grilles and mufflers. It helps cars breathe well and keeps the noise down. It's tough and doesn't rust easily, which is good for cars that face different weather conditions.

You can find it in outdoor furniture and appliances as well. It can handle tough weather and high temperatures, so it lasts long and saves money in the long run.

In farming, it's used for grain drying and storage systems. The holes let air in and prevent moisture from building up, keeping the grains in good condition.

Overall, this holey metal has lots of benefits and is used in many different industries. It's strong, doesn't rust easily, looks good, filters well, and helps with ventilation. It's a popular and useful material in many places.

From Oil Filters to Fencing: Diverse Applications

Perforated stainless steel proves its worth in countless applications. It becomes an essential component of oil filters. It also transforms into fencing screens for expressways, railways, and other construction sites. The world of workshops leverages it for sound isolation sheets, and it even becomes a decorative sheet for stairs, environmental tables, and chairs. It plays a vital role in the sifting process in grains, feed, and mines. Lastly, it even makes an appearance in kitchenware like fruit baskets and food covers.

A Key Part in Barriers: MOJO Barriers

A notable mention here is the perforated aluminum steel, which is the most critical part of MOJO barriers. These crowd control barriers see wide use in concerts and events, and perforated stainless steel plays a crucial part in their construction.

Let's take a closer look at the material and processing of this mesh.

The main material used for this mesh is stainless steel. However, manufacturers also use other materials such as mild steel, monel sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet, and aluminum sheet depending on the specific requirements. The thickness of the mesh can vary from 0.1 to 20mm. The processing involves creating molds, piercing, cutting, refining the edges, leveling, cleaning, and applying surface treatments.

Now, let's explore the features that make perforated steel sheets a popular choice.

Perforated steel sheets offer several appealing features. Mild carbon steel perforated sheets are cost-effective and can be galvanized to resist corrosion. Aluminum perforated sheets, like stainless steel ones, are also corrosion-resistant but are lighter and softer. On the other hand, stainless steel perforated sheets provide high resistance to high temperatures, acids, and offer durability, strength, hardness. They are also easy to work with during fabrication and require minimal maintenance.

In summary

round hole perforated stainless steel sheets, with a length of 1 meter, have many uses in different industries. The manufacturing process involves advanced technology and attention to detail. These sheets are known for their versatility, durability, and various features, making them valuable in numerous applications. Whether they are used in MOJO barriers, oil filters, or the food industry, perforated stainless steel always delivers reliable performance.

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