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Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide


Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet Near Me: A Comprehensive Guide

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When searching for "perforated stainless steel sheet near me," it's important to understand that many perforated sheet suppliers acquire their products from China. This is because perforated stainless steel sheet prices in China tend to be more competitive, and they have well-established production lines. Importing from China is a viable option, especially for quantities exceeding ten pieces.

Our Strength in Metal Perforated Sheets

We pride ourselves on our capabilities in producing high-quality perforated sheets. Some of our key strengths include:

  1. Thickness Capacity: We have the capability to punch holes in plates up to 12mm thick.

  2. Hole Size Flexibility: We can punch holes with sizes up to the thickness of the metal, providing you with versatile options.

  3. Handling Capacity: Our facility can handle sheets up to 2200mm (W) x 4000mm (L), accommodating various project requirements.

  4. Rapid Customization: We offer fast turnaround times for customized perforation jobs, ensuring your specific needs are met.

  5. Value-Added Services: To enhance customer convenience, we provide additional services such as shearing, bending, and leveling, tailored to your requirements.

  6. Bow Control: We specialize in controlling bow (warpage) in perforated sheets, ensuring a flat and high-quality product.


  • Perforated stainless steel sheet is primarily made from 304 or 316 stainless steel and features various hole patterns. The specifications of our perforated stainless steel sheets include:
  • Hole Shape: Choose from round, square, rectangular, slot, hexagon, oblong, diamond, and other decorative shapes.
  • Sheet Size: Available in standard sizes such as 1ft. x 4ft., 2ft. x 4ft., 4ft. x 4ft., and 4ft. x 8ft. We can also tailor the size to your specific requirements.
  • Thickness: Gauge 3 to 36 or as per your project needs.
  • Material: We offer stainless steel materials such as 304, 316, 430, 410, and other standards as required. Additional materials are available upon request.
  • Hole Details and Open Area
Here are some examples of hole details and open area percentages for different hole sizes and sheet thicknesses:
Staggered Centers Sheet Thickness Hole Diameter Range Open Area
0.055" 0.0165 - 0.0198 In 0.40-0.50 mm 28.00%
0.066" 0.0165 - 0.0198 In 0.40-0.50 mm 37.00%
3/32 In 0.026 - 0.053 In 41.00%
1/8 In 0.046 - 0.053 In 23.00%
9/64 In 0.054 - 0.065 In 40.30%
5/32 In 0.026 - 0.079 In 33.00%
1/4 In 0.033 - 0.053" 12.50%
3/16 In 0.026 - 0.129" 40.00%
7/32 In 0.026 - 0.039" 29.60%
3/16 In 0.026 - 0.065" 63.00%
1/4 In 0.026 - 0.079" 50.00%
5/16 In 0.029", 0.059" 32.00%
5/16 In 0.026" - 0.079" 58.00%
3/8 In 0.012", 0.026-0.065" 40.00%
11/16 In 0.059", 0.121" 48.00%

Customization and Tailored Solutions

We understand that every project has unique requirements. That's why we offer customization options for perforated stainless steel sheets. Whether you need specific sizes, hole shapes, or materials, we can tailor the product to your needs. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in finding the best solution for your project.


  1. Architecture: Perforated stainless steel sheets are often used in architectural projects to add both style and functionality. They can be used for decorative purposes, such as cladding and ceilings, as well as functional elements like sunscreens and partitions.

  2. Industrial: In industrial settings, perforated stainless steel sheets find use in machinery manufacturing, filtration systems, and soundproofing. They are also used for ventilation grilles and industrial screens, allowing for airflow while maintaining structural integrity.

  3. Automotive: The automotive industry relies on perforated stainless steel sheets for various components. They are used in radiator grilles, speaker covers, engine covers, and muffler guards, providing both protection and an appealing appearance.

  4. Food Processing: Perforated stainless steel sheets are commonly employed in food processing and packaging. They are used for making trays, baskets, and strainers, aiding in food processing, sorting, and packaging processes.


When searching for "perforated stainless steel sheet near me," considering options from China can provide cost-effective solutions and a wide range of choices. With our expertise in metal perforation, we offer high-quality perforated stainless steel sheets with various hole patterns and customization options. Explore the specifications, hole details, and open areas available, and take advantage of our rapid development capabilities. Get in touch with us today to source the perforated  sheet you need for your project requirements.

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