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N Stay Farm Gates


N Stay Farm Gates

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N Stay farm gates, particularly the 16' (4800mm) variant available for pick-up in Brisbane, have taken the farming industry by storm. Manufactured from high-quality 25Nb hot-dip galvanized tube, these gates possess a sturdy 2.0mm wall thickness. They incorporate an innovative vertical brace and N brace style, fortified with 5.0mm galvanized wire mesh infill.

Australia galvanized cheap farm gate N stay gates

Australia galvanized cheap farm gate N stay gates

Section 2: The Evolution in Farm Gate Design

White's Rural Top Notch Gates have set a new standard for the industry. These N stay farm gates incorporate embedded mesh within the gate, leading to enhanced strength and longevity. The design also ensures end welds are smooth and flush with the pipe, resulting in a safer and quicker hanging gate.

Section 3: Embedded Strength and Safety

The secret behind these gates' robustness lies in their embedded wire mesh, increasing their strength and durability. Moreover, the gates' design ensures there are no sharp edges, providing safer handling and preventing injuries to livestock.

Section 4: Convenient Installation and Durable Materials

Installation has never been easier. There's no need to cut wire mesh as the hinges fit fast. Crafted from 25mm NB galvanized pipe and filled with a galvanized 200mm x 100mm x 5.00mm mesh infill, these gates promise strength and endurance.

Galvanized Cattle Panel Farm Fence Stay Gate

Section 5: Material, Size and Surface Treatment

N stay farm gates come in various sizes, all designed for versatility and durability. They are made from a variety of materials including wrought iron, iron, and cast iron. After manufacturing, they undergo a dual treatment process: first, a galvanizing treatment, followed by a coating of PVC Green RAL 6005 or an anti-rust liquid. This process ensures the gate's longevity and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Section 6: Aesthetics and Packaging

These gates don't just offer functionality and durability; they also add aesthetic value to your property. Each gate undergoes careful packaging, wrapped in bubble paper and placed in iron boxes or as per your request, ensuring they arrive in excellent condition.

Section 7: Specifications and Manufacturing Process

N stay farm gates boast impressive specifications, with a wire diameter of 5mm, a mesh opening of 100200mm, and a frame pipe measuring 32mm2mm. The manufacturing process involves various steps, including wire mesh panel welding, pipe cutting, frame welding, and silver painting, ensuring each gate meets the highest quality standards.

Section 8: Applications and Market

N stay farm gates find applications in numerous areas, from livestock enclosure to crop protection, to barrier fencing in car parks or stores. They are particularly popular in markets such as Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Europe. Two commonly used types are N stay farm gates and I stay farm gates.

Section 9: Packaging, Shipping, and Pick-Up

Standard packages come with a metal pallet, or you can customize the packaging as per your request. Upon placing an order and making the deposit, the farm gates are ready for pick-up or shipping within 20 working days. Pick-up is available in Brisbane, or you can have the gate shipped from Tianjin Xin'gang Port.

Section 10: Specifications of N Stay Farm Gates

For an easy comparison and understanding, here are the main specifications of N stay farm gates:

Specification Details
Material Wrought Iron, Iron, Cast Iron
Size Varied Sizes Available
Surface Treatment Galvanized + PVC Green RAL 6005, Anti-rust Liquid
Color As Required
Feature Easy to Fix, Durable, Beautiful, and Elegant
Package Bubble Paper Wrapped, Iron Boxes or as Requested
Deliver Time 15-20 Days After Deposit
Port Tianjin
Wire Diameter 5mm
Mesh Opening 100*200mm
Frame Pipe 32mm*2mm
Height 1170mm
Length (Feet) 6', 8', 10', 12', 14', 16'
Length (mm) 900mm, 2400mm, 3000mm, 3600mm, 4200mm, 4800mm

These specifications ensure that N stay farm gates cater to a wide range of requirements, making them the ideal solution for various farming needs. They represent a perfect blend of strength, durability, and aesthetics, making them a standout choice for modern farms.

Galvanized Cattle Panel Farm Fence Stay Gate

Galvanized Cattle Panel Farm Fence Stay Gate

Conclusion: Invest in N Stay Farm Gates for Unmatched Quality and Efficiency

Investing in N stay farm gates guarantees not just quality and durability but also significant enhancements to your farm's functionality and aesthetics. These gates represent the next generation in farm gate design, and they are setting the industry standard. Secure your property and manage your livestock more efficiently with N stay farm gates. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in the future of your farm.

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