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4ft Chain-Link Gate


4ft Chain-Link Gate

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A 4ft Chain-Link Gate offers both security and accessibility to your property. With its galvanized construction, superior corrosion resistance, and sturdy frame, this 4ft chain-link gate is an ideal addition to your fencing system. Designed to fit a 4-ft opening between terminal posts, this gate is built to withstand harsh weather conditions while ensuring long-lasting performance. Let's explore the features and benefits of this versatile gate.


Specification Description
Brand Name Origin Point
Gate Height 48 inches / 4ft
Gate Width 57 inches
Gate Opening Size 48 inches high x 61 inches wide
Mesh Openings 2-1/2 inches
Frame Construction 1-3/8-inch galvanized steel tubing
Coating Galvanized to prevent rusting and corrosion
Frame Construction 4 corner bent frame for added durability and strength
Additional Feature Decorative aluminum scroll
Pre-Assembled Yes, for quick and easy installation
Gate Hardware Included (2) 1-3/8 female hinges, (2) 2-3/8 male hinges, (4) carriage bolts and nuts, and (1) fork latch
Gate Terminal Posts (sold separately) Not included

Superior Strength and Corrosion Resistance:

The 4ft Chain-Link Gate is galvanized to provide exceptional strength and superior resistance against corrosion. This coating helps protect the gate from rust and other forms of deterioration, ensuring its durability and longevity. You can rely on this gate to withstand the test of time and maintain its functionality even in challenging environments.

Perfect Fit for a 4-ft Opening: Designed specifically for a 4-ft opening between terminal posts, this gate offers a seamless integration into your existing fencing system. It provides a secure barrier while allowing easy access for pedestrians and vehicles. The gate's dimensions are carefully calculated to ensure a precise fit, enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of your fence.

4ft Chain-Link Gate Gate Hardware Fit:

This gate is designed to be a bit smaller than the opening. This is to leave space for gate parts like hinges and latches, which you need to buy separately. This way, you can put the gate in place without any trouble and it works like it should.

Strong Build:

The gate frame is made from a single piece of 1-3/8-inch steel tube that's been galvanized. This makes the gate have four bent corners, which makes it stronger and more stable. Because it's so well-built, this gate will last for a long time and hold up under everyday use.

Pickup and Delivery Choices 4ft Chain-Link Gate:

You can pick up this chain-link gate at a nearby Lowe's store. Or, you can have it delivered to where you live. There are different delivery options, including fast delivery, so you can pick what works best for you.

Simple Returns and Installation:

Lowe's lets you return any gate parts you don't use for free. You can take them back to the store or send them back without paying for shipping. Also, you can choose to have the gate put in by a professional. This means you won't have any problems and the gate will be put in the right way.

In Short:

Buying a 4ft chain-link gate makes your property safer and easier to get into. Its strong build, perfect size for a 4-ft space, and ability to work with gate parts makes it a good choice that will last a long time. Whether for your home or business, this gate is a smart and affordable way to protect your place. Get your gate today and enjoy how easy and safe it makes your property.

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