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4ft Chain Link Fence Fabric | Durable & Galvanized


4ft Chain Link Fence Fabric | Durable & Galvanized

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Enhance the security and define the boundaries of your property with a 4ft chain link fence. This article explores the features and benefits of the 4-ft H x 50-ft W 11.5-Gauge Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence Fabric with a mesh size of 2.375 inches. Designed to withstand corrosion and provide strength, this galvanized steel fabric is perfect for various applications, including residential and commercial use.

Strong and Long-lasting Fence:

The 4-ft chain link fence is made of steel that's been galvanized, or treated to prevent rust. This makes it really tough and long-lasting. It can stand up to all kinds of weather when it's used outside.

Perfect Size for 4-ft Spaces:

This chain link fence fabric is 50 ft wide. It's made to fit perfectly in a 4-ft space between two posts. It creates a strong border but still lets you see through the fence, helping keep your place safe.

Built to Last:

The gate frame for this chain link fence fabric is made from a single piece of 1-3/8-in tube. This gives it four bent corners which makes it stronger and more stable. Remember, you'll need to buy the parts for the gate separately.

Easy to Put Up and Change:

You'll find this chain link fabric easy to roll out and put up. You can also adjust it to meet your needs. Whether you want a fence for privacy or to keep pets and gardens safe, this fabric is a good choice.

Helpful Guides and Warranty:

You'll get a Warranty Guide and Installation Manual in PDF format with this chain link fence fabric. These guides will show you how to put the fence up and how to keep it in good shape. Plus, you're covered with a warranty.


Specification Value
Actual Height 4 feet
Actual Length 50 feet
Actual Width 50 feet
Color/Finish Silver
Common Height Measurement 4 feet
Common Width Measurement 50 feet
Compatibility 72 inches
Fence Mesh Size 2.375 inches
Gauge 11.5
Manufacturer Color/Finish Galvanized
Material Steel
Type Fence fabric
Warranty 5-year limited
Weight 71.5 lbs


Investing in a 4ft chain link fence fabric is an excellent choice for securing your property. The 4-ft H x 50-ft W 11.5-Gauge Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence Fabric offers durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. Its easy installation and versatile design make it suitable for various applications. Shop now and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and long-lasting chain link fence.

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