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Chain Link Fence Wire: High-Quality Fencing Solutions


Chain Link Fence Wire: High-Quality Fencing Solutions

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Chain link fence wire serves as a reliable barricade for homes, commercial premises, and public spaces. Offering a balance of durability, flexibility, and affordability, this product is worth considering if you're thinking of reinforcing your property's security or simply defining boundaries.


  • Strong and Long-lasting: Chain link fences are made from strong metal, which makes them last a long time. They can handle bad weather, and they don't break down easily.
  • Good for Your Wallet: Compared to other types of fences, chain link fences are more affordable. They give you a good fence without needing to spend a lot of money.
  • Easy to Take Care of: Once your chain link fence is up, you don't need to do much to keep it looking good. It won't rust, rot, or get eaten by bugs.
  • Easy to Put Up: Installing a chain link fence is simple and fast. This means you can have your new fence up in no time.
  • Flexible: Chain link fences come in different sizes and styles. You can choose the one that suits your needs best. Whether you need a tall, secure fence for a factory or a small, simple one for your garden, you'll find what you need.
  • See-Through: One of the best things about a chain link fence is that you can see through it. This means you can keep an eye on what's happening on the other side, which can make you feel safer.

Applications of Chain Link Fence Wire

This highly versatile product finds applications in various domains. Let's delve into some of them:

Residential Fencing

Chain link fence wire provides a sturdy barrier that ensures your family's safety while maintaining an open view. Its strength makes it resistant to adverse weather conditions and potential trespassers.

Commercial and Industrial Fencing

Chain link fence wire protects commercial and industrial properties, securing them from unauthorized access. They also serve as robust partitions within larger premises.

Agricultural Fencing

Farmers and ranchers use chain link fence wire to keep livestock in check while simultaneously deterring wild animals from venturing into farmlands.

Sports Fencing

Ideal for playgrounds, sports courts, and stadiums, chain link fence ensures balls and players stay within the designated field.

Airport Fencing

Airports employ this type of fencing to secure their perimeters and safeguard against unauthorized access.

Key Benefits 

The chain link fence wire comes packed with numerous advantages, making it a popular choice for various applications:


Our chain link fence  is made of galvanized wire, promising long-lasting performance and resistance against rust.


Compared to other fencing solutions, chain link fence offers an economical option without compromising on security or aesthetics.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, chain link fences require minimal maintenance, making them an easy-to-manage choice for busy property owners.

Easy Installation

Chain link fence installation is relatively straightforward, further reducing costs and effort.


Available in a range of heights and thicknesses, this fencing option caters to different security needs, be it a residential property or a sports complex.

Chain Link Fence Wire Specifications

Our chain link fence wire comes in two major types: galvanized wire and PVC coated wire. Here are the detailed specifications for each:

 (Galvanized Wire)

Wire Diameter (mm) Mesh Size (mm) Roll Length (m) Standard Netting Heights (mm) Standard Post Heights (mm)
1 5x5 10 500 - 1000 1000 - 1500
1.2 10x10, 20x20 10 1250 - 1500 2000
1.4 20x20 10 2000 2500
1.8 30x30 10 2500 3000
2.5 40x40 10 3000 3500
2.8 50x50 10 4000 4500
3 50x50 10 5000 5500
4 60x60 10 - -

 (PVC Coated Wire)

Wire Diameter (mm) Mesh Size (mm) Roll Length (m) Standard Netting Heights (mm) Standard Post Heights (mm) Standard Netting Colors
1.8 20x20 10 500 - 1000 1000 - 1500 Green RAL 6005, Brown RAL 8019
1.8 30x30 10 2000 2500 -
2.5 40x40 10 2500 3000 -
2.8 50x50 10 3000 3500 -
3 60x60 10 4000 4500 -
4.5 65x65 10 5000 5500 -

The specified chain link fence has a height of 600mm and a diameter of 2.76mm, with a hot-dipped galvanized finish at 275 grams/SQM. It meets all industry standards, promising top-notch security for your properties.

In conclusion

chain link fence wire is an ideal solution to all your fencing needs. With its wide range of applications and myriad benefits, investing in a chain link fence  ensures you get top value for your money. Take the next step towards securing your property today. Place your order now and enjoy the peace of mind that a sturdy, reliable fencing solution brings.

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