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Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Glove Cut Resistant: Factory Price


Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Glove Cut Resistant: Factory Price

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When working in hazardous environments, where sharp objects are an everyday reality, safety becomes paramount. The Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Glove Cut Resistant is precisely engineered to offer top-tier protection against injuries, ensuring a secure and more efficient workspace.

6'' Stainless Steel Anti Cutting Gloves Woven with Chainmail Ring Mesh 0

Features: Ensuring Comfort and Protection

Our gloves are the epitome of resilience and durability, constructed from individually welded 4.2mm rings of AISI 304L stainless steel. They offer unrivaled resistance against cuts and conform to the International Standard specification EN1082, assuring their supreme quality and reliability.

With an ergonomic design, these gloves ensure optimum comfort and perfect fit. A distinct aspect of our gloves is their 4:1 ring assembly, which implies each ring is interconnected to a minimum of four other rings. This unique configuration minimizes any potential gaps that could be penetrated by sharp points, thereby enhancing the protective function.

Moreover, our Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Glove Cut Resistant come with metal detectable, color-coded numerical barcode tags. These tags facilitate easier tracking of gloves within the organization and support the documentation of sanitation measures, crucial for maintaining hygiene standards.

What sets our gloves apart is the secure stainless steel closure, making cleaning a breeze. Additionally, they offer a perfect balance between flexibility and protection. Therefore, the glove size should be chosen considering a little extra space for better agility and flexibility.

Specifications: Tailored for Perfect Fit

Size Palm Perimeter Palm Length
XXS 5-5.5 inches 188mm
XS 6-6.5 inches 200mm
S 7-7.5 inches 212mm
M 8-8.5 inches 225mm
L 9-9.5 inches 237mm
XL 10-10.5 inches 250mm

Benefits: Embracing the Advantage

With their high-quality stainless steel rings and robust nylon belts, the Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Gloves guarantee excellent cut-resistant performance, making them an ideal choice for a plethora of industries.

Their anti-wear and anti-corrosion attributes ensure longevity. The gloves can be worn on either hand simply by adjusting the nylon belt, enhancing their versatility.

The gloves not only prioritize safety but also promote hygiene with their easy-to-clean design. With a protection grade that reaches Level V, these gloves ensure optimum safety in the workplace.

Applications: Wide and Varied

The Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Gloves find application in an array of industries:

  1. Meat processing
  2. Machinery manufacturing
  3. Glassmaking
  4. Wood processing
  5. Leather manufacturing

Their versatility and robust design make them an indispensable tool for promoting safety in the workplace.

Stainless steel mesh hand glove cut resistant Widely used in processing meat ware, manufacturing iron machinery, glassmaking, wood processing, making leather industry and other trades requiring unique hands uniquetion. Thus it is a necessary tool for safety production.

stainless steel mesh hand glove cut resistant

stainless steel mesh hand glove cut resistant


In summary, the Stainless Steel Mesh Hand Glove Cut Resistant is the perfect blend of protection, flexibility, and comfort. Designed meticulously and packed with top-tier features, these gloves are set to raise the bar for safety in your workspace. Reach out to us for more information or to place an order. Embrace the new safety standard today!

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