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Stainless Steel Hand Gloves: Maximum Protection for Your Hands


Stainless Steel Hand Gloves: Maximum Protection for Your Hands

Production Time:14 days



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Production Time:14 days

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When it comes to ensuring hand protection, Stainless Steel Hand Gloves stand in a league of their own. Designed for maximum flexibility and durability, these gloves, made of individually welded stainless steel rings, offer the ultimate in cut protection. They resist fats and oils, are easy to clean, and serve as an essential safety tool in various sectors. Available in multiple sizes and colors, these gloves are versatile enough to meet the demands of any professional setting.

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Features: Why Choose Stainless Steel Hand Gloves

Stainless Steel Hand Gloves bring a host of benefits to the table. Here are some features that make them stand out:

  1. Ultimate Cut Protection: These gloves effectively prevent damage from sharp cuts, making them ideal for environments dealing with sharp objects.

  2. High Strength and Durability: Each glove is constructed using over 5000 individually welded stainless steel rings, ensuring high strength and long service life.

  3. Resistant Properties: The gloves boast excellent oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and dyeing properties, perfect for a wide range of applications.

  4. Easy to Clean: Cleaning is a breeze. Simply use hot water and a food-grade detergent, then rinse and air dry.

  5. Comfort and Convenience: With an adjustable nylon belt and a metal buckle, these gloves are easy to wear. They are also interchangeable between the right and left hands.

Specifications: Find Your Perfect Fit

Size Color Palm Perimeter Palm Length
XXS Brown 5-5.5 inches 188mm
XS Green 6-6.5 inches 200mm
S White 7-7.5 inches 212mm
M Red 8-8.5 inches 225mm
L Blue 9-9.5 inches 237mm
XL Orange 10-10.5 inches 250mm

Applications: A Glove for All Settings

Stainless Steel Hand Gloves find utility in a range of sectors:

  1. Slaughterhouses
  2. Fish and shellfish processing
  3. Poultry processing
  4. Public dining rooms
  5. Supermarkets
  6. Plastic, leather, textile, and wood processing
  7. Glass processing
  8. Protection roles such as police, public security, lab technicians

Purchasing and Shipping

Sample gloves are available for a fee. Depending on the order's quantity, gloves can be shipped via courier, air, or sea. Each glove is individually packed in a plastic bag, with 100 pieces per carton. These cartons are further packed into a plywood case for larger orders.

stainless steel hand gloves


Embrace the strength, flexibility, and safety of Stainless Steel Hand Gloves. With their host of impressive features and broad applicability, these gloves are a vital addition to any safety-conscious workplace. Make the switch to Stainless Steel Hand Gloves today and step up your safety game!

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