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Stainless Steel Cut-Resistant Gloves: China Manufacturer


Stainless Steel Cut-Resistant Gloves: China Manufacturer



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For those working in hazardous conditions where sharp tools or materials are common, nothing compares to the protection offered by stainless steel cut-resistant gloves. Crafted with high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel rings, these gloves not only provide robust defense against cuts but also ensure maximum flexibility and durability. Stainless steel butcher gloves consist of around 5000 individually welded rings, creating a tight mesh that leaves no significant gaps. This structure enhances the flexibility and longevity of the glove, making it an indispensable safety tool for many industries.

Safety Cut Proof Stab Resistant Stainless Steel Glove Wire Metal Mesh Glove Steel Chain Glove

Safety Cut Proof Stab Resistant Stainless Steel Glove Wire Metal Mesh Glove Steel Chain Glove

Safety Cut Proof Stab Resistant Stainless Steel Glove Wire Metal Mesh Glove Steel Chain Glove

Wide Variety for Diverse Needs

We understand that different tasks call for different types of protection. Hence, we offer a broad selection of stainless steel gloves to cater to your unique needs. Choose from five fingers, three fingers, and extended gloves, each designed with practicality and comfort in mind. Additionally, we provide a choice of straps - textile, hook, or EVA heat resistant - ensuring your glove fits securely and comfortably.

With our gloves, there's no need to worry about finding the perfect fit for each hand. Designed with a universal fit, each glove is suitable to wear on both hands, offering interchangeability between the left and right hands. Plus, you can pick from six sizes - XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL – based on your preference. We also accept custom orders, allowing us to deliver gloves tailored specifically to your needs.

Superior Specifications for Optimal Safety

Our stainless steel cut-resistant gloves offer exceptional resistance against friction, cuts, tears, and punctures, as indicated in the table below:

Friction Resistance Cut Resistance Tear Resistance Puncture Resistance
Gloves ≥20000 loop ≥10000 times ≥250N ≥250N

Additionally, each stainless steel ring in our gloves is individually connected to four others and separately welded, ensuring a strong, tight-knit mesh. Thanks to a polishing treatment, the gloves also sport a bright and professional appearance.

Experience the Benefits

These gloves offer an array of advantages that set them apart from standard safety gloves:

  1. Easy to clean: The gloves resist processing fats and oils, making them easy to clean with hot water and soap.
  2. Corrosion-resistant and cut-resistant: The stainless steel construction protects against corrosion and cuts.
  3. Food-safe: Our gloves are safe for direct contact with food, perfect for food processing tasks.
  4. Knife resistant: They offer outstanding protection against knife cuts, ensuring your safety when handling sharp tools.
  5. High tensile: The gloves are made to withstand high levels of strain, making them ideal for rigorous tasks.
  6. Versatile applications: From meat processing to garment cutting, glass processing, wood processing, leather processing, and sports safety, these gloves are a trusted choice for various industries.

Unbeatable Applications

Stainless steel cut-resistant gloves are indispensable safety equipment in industries where manual handling of sharp objects is a routine part of the job. They play a critical role in mitigating hand injuries during meat processing, cutting tool manufacturing, slaughter and processing, garment cutting, glass processing, wood processing, and leather processing. Their use goes beyond mere compliance with safety regulations; they also contribute to cost savings by preventing work-related injuries.

Packaging and Custom Options

Each pair of our stainless steel cut-resistant gloves comes in a plastic bag, with 100 pieces per carton case, and ten cartons in a plywood case. We also offer custom stainless steel long arm gloves, available in lengths of 15cm, 18cm, 20cm, and 22cm. These long arm gloves and stainless steel wire mesh clothes are widely used for public safety, such as by police, security personnel, and armed forces.

Take the Next Step

Ensure maximum hand protection at your workplace with our high-quality stainless steel cut-resistant gloves. Experience the difference in safety, durability, and flexibility. Make the smart choice and invest in gloves that not only protect you but also provide peace of mind as you go about your day-to-day tasks. Order today and witness the transformation in safety and efficiency at your workplace.

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