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Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Gloves China Factory Free Quote


Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Gloves China Factory Free Quote



Packing:paper carton

Production Time:14 days

Payment Term:TT100%

Surface Treatment:no

Colour:ISO CE

HS code:73141400

  • Details

As professionals and hobbyists alike know, safety is paramount in many tasks, especially when working with sharp tools. To address this, we offer an extensive selection of Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Gloves, providing a perfect combination of safety, functionality, and comfort.

Meat Cutting Chainmail Metal Wire Mesh Butcher Gloves Cut Resistant Stainless Steel Gloves for Cutting


Specifications Details
Glove Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
Extended Lengths 8cm, 15cm, 20cm
Ring Mesh Types 0.53mm wire/3.81mm ring, 0.80mm wire/7.0mm ring
Color Coding Brown, Green, White, Red, Blue, Orange
Fabric PP Fiber Fabric
Fastening Press Stud
Adjustment Buckle Size
Special Features Stretchable, Lint and dust-free, Seamless design, Knit wrist

And here's another table for the sizes:

Size Color Palm Perimeter Palm Length
XXS Brown 5-5.5 inches 188mm
XS Green 6-6.5 inches 200mm
S White 7-7.5 inches 212mm
M Red 8-8.5 inches 225mm
L Blue 9-9.5 inches 237mm
XL Orange 10-10.5 inches 250mm

A Glove for Every Hand

Our range of stainless steel metal mesh gloves is comprehensive and designed with inclusivity in mind. Whether your hands are small or large, there's a glove size for you - from XXS to XL. We understand that protection shouldn't end at your wrists, which is why we also offer gloves with extended lengths, capable of safeguarding your arms. If the standard sizes don't quite meet your needs, fret not. We can customize special sizes tailored to your specifications. For gloves that protect beyond the hands, our cut-resistant ring mesh safety gloves come with an extended cuff, available in lengths of 8cm, 15cm, and 20cm.

Innovative Ring Mesh Design

Our stainless steel metal mesh gloves feature two types of advanced ring mesh. The first consists of a 0.53mm diameter wire, forming a 3.81mm diameter welded ring, while our newly developed variant incorporates a 0.80mm diameter wire to create a 7.0mm welded ring.

Color-Coded For Convenience

To streamline the selection process, we've incorporated a color-coding system. Each glove size corresponds to a different strap color, making it easy for workers to pick out the right fit quickly.

Stainless Steel Chainmail Gloves: Specifications and Features

Our stainless steel chainmail gloves are designed for maximum protection and comfort. Featuring a PP fiber fabric, press stud fastening, and buckle size adjustment, these gloves ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Several features make our stainless steel metal mesh gloves a cut above the rest. The stretchable stainless steel fiber ensures excellent sensitivity and a perfect fit, making it feel like a second skin. These gloves are versatile, suitable not just for industrial use but also for harvesting hops or fruits and performing light gardening work.

The gloves are lint and dust-free, ensuring they don't leave behind any fingerprint contamination, making them ideal for handling products that require a pristine environment. The seamless design and knit wrist provide optimal comfort and dexterity, allowing you to work with precision while keeping your hands safe.

In conclusion

whether you're a professional in the manufacturing industry or a home gardener, our stainless steel metal mesh gloves provide reliable protection without sacrificing comfort or dexterity. It's time to prioritize safety and efficiency. Choose our gloves today.

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