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Stainless Steel Mesh Butcher Gloves China Factory Free Quote


Stainless Steel Mesh Butcher Gloves China Factory Free Quote

Production Time:14 days



Packing:paper carton

Production Time:14 days

Payment Term:TT100%

Surface Treatment:no


HS code:73141400

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Are you in search of the perfect hand protection? Your search ends with our Stainless Steel Mesh Butcher Gloves. Individually woven from small wire loops, these gloves find extensive use in slaughterhouses, welding plants, and kitchens to safeguard your hands from cuts.

"Durable, Clean, and Safe: Your Hands’ Best Friend"

Our barrier gloves are resilient and easy to clean. The stainless steel mesh offers an exceptional level of cut protection for butchers, ensuring your hands are safe while cutting, slicing, shucking, carving, and peeling food in the kitchen. Each glove comprises individually welded stainless-steel rings and features an adjustable nylon band on the cuff for added comfort and fit.

"Detailed Features for Ultimate Protection"

The Stainless Steel Mesh Butcher Gloves are designed with a host of features to provide optimal protection:

  • Material: Food-grade 304L stainless steel wire
  • Protection level: 5
  • Ring OD: 3.81 mm; Ring Wire dia.: 0.53mm
  • Type: Five fingers gloves with textile cuff
  • Strap colours: Navy, Green, Red, White, Blue, Orange
  • Feature: Protection, anti-cut, anti-water, easy to clean
  • Flexible wrist strap, suitable for any size wrist
  • Metal adjustable snap-fastener design
  • Protects the entire palm
  • Anti-wear, anti-cut protection & puncture resistant
  • Comfortable to wear, easy to clean

"Diverse Applications for Comprehensive Safety"

The stainless steel gloves are highly beneficial in various fields such as slaughterhouses, aquatic shell processing, poultry processing, large public canteens, supermarkets, plastics, leather processing, textile, garment cutting and paper industry, wood processing, glass processing, laboratory protection, public security, and more.

"Opt for the Right Size: Your Comfort, Our Priority"

Our Stainless Steel Mesh Butcher Gloves come in various sizes, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone:

Colour Code Hand Long (inch) Hand Long (cm) Hand Width (cm) Size
Brown 5-5.5 16-17 7.5-8 XXS
Green 6-6.5 17-18 8-8.5 XS
White 7-7.5 18-19 8.5-9 S
Red 7.5-8 19-20 9-9.5 M
Blue 8-8.5 20-21 9.5-10 L
Yellow 8.5-9 21-22 10-10.5 XL

"Experience the Advantages of Stainless Steel Mesh Butcher Gloves"

Our gloves offer numerous advantages:

  1. Protection for hands at all times in all fields.
  2. Over 5000 individually welded steel rings provide a steel defense line for your hands.
  3. Each carefully selected steel ring is a testament to strength and is designed with ergonomics in mind, offering soft and comfortable wear.
  4. With a hook strap, they are easy to wear and clean.
  5. Healthy, safe, flexible, and better fitting, even easy to grasp small objects.
  6. 100% Stainless steel wire 304 Anti-Corrosion, Anti-Rust
  7. Inner Diameter: 2.75mm Cut-Resistant, Stab-Resistant Individual welded metal rings at least 200N force tensile
  8. Hand protection grade: 5 Level European Standard: EN1082/EN420
  9. Protection from workplace accidents often caused by cuts or stabs with a knife.
  10. Flexible silicone rubber strap adapts to all wrist sizes ensuring comfort.

"Bespoke Features of Stainless Steel Gloves for Cooking"

Our gloves come with specific features designed for cooking:

  1. Buckle belt for convenience and speed.
  2. Sided can be deducted for more economy and affordability.
  3. Exquisite craftsmanship.
  4. Apart from nylon belts, we also offer stainless steel belts for enhanced durability and style.

Invest in  Mesh Butcher Gloves today for unparalleled safety and convenience. Be confident in your hand protection and take a step towards a safer working environment.

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