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Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves: China Factory


Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves: China Factory

Production Time:14 days



Packing:paper carton

Production Time:14 days

Payment Term:TT100%

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HS code:73141400

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Safety is paramount in every professional setting. For environments where sharp tools are frequently used, such as butcheries, kitchens, or industrial workshops, the Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves are a crucial accessory. With individually welded, corrosion-resistant stainless steel rings, these gloves offer flexibility, durability, and, most importantly, protection against cuts.


1. Ultimate Cut Protection

At the core of their design, these gloves feature a network of stainless steel rings that provide superior cut resistance. Their metal mesh effectively guards your hands against any sharp objects, ensuring utmost safety during tasks like food preparation, tool handling, or industrial processing.

2. Enhanced Durability

Stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion, which makes these gloves incredibly durable. They are designed to withstand rigorous use in harsh environments, offering long-lasting protection and value for money.

3. Flexibility and Comfort

Despite their robust construction, these gloves do not compromise on flexibility or comfort. The metal mesh design allows your hands to move freely, making it easier to handle objects and perform intricate tasks. In addition, the adjustable nylon strap ensures a comfortable fit, irrespective of wrist size.

4. Versatility and Interchangeability

Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves are designed for use on either hand, providing adaptability in different work scenarios. Whether you're right or left-handed, these gloves meet your needs effectively.

5. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Maintaining these gloves is simple. They can be cleaned easily with hot water and food-grade detergent. This ensures hygiene in food processing environments and increases the gloves' service life.

6. Compliance with Safety Standards

These gloves meet the safety requirements of EN-1082-1, a widely recognized European standard for cut-resistant gloves. This compliance ensures that you're investing in a reliable and trustworthy safety product.

7. Wide Application

While they are known as 'butcher gloves', these gloves find utility in a host of other industries. They are commonly used in food processing, woodworking, glass handling, textile tailoring, plastic processing, public safety services, laboratories, and more.

In a nutshell, Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves are a great investment towards safety and productivity in various professional settings. Their cut-resistant properties, combined with comfort and durability, make them an essential safety tool for anyone handling sharp objects.

Experience Comfort and Protection 

Crafted with ergonomics in mind, these gloves don't compromise on comfort while offering top-notch safety:

  1. Versatility: These gloves can be worn on either hand, offering flexibility in their use.
  2. Durability: Made with stainless steel rings, these gloves resist corrosion and are long-lasting.
  3. Easy Cleaning: After use, simply wash with hot water and a food-grade detergent, then air dry.

Available Sizes and Material Details

These gloves come in various sizes, ensuring a snug fit for all:

  • Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Material: 304 or 316 stainless steel wire, 0.5mm wire diameter, 4.2mm diameter ring, and a nylon belt on the wrist for adjustable sizing.

Features Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves

The exceptional features of these gloves make them an indispensable safety tool:

  • Anti-wear, anti-cut, and puncture-resistant.
  • Adjustable metal snap fastener.
  • Flexible wrist strap, suitable for any size wrist.
  • Comfortable and soft, providing ultimate protection against sharp cutting damage.
  • Meets the requirements of EN-1082-1.
  • Over 5000 welded stainless steel rings for high strength and long service life.
  • Excellent oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy to clean.
  • Convenient and adjustable nylon belt.
  • Interchangeable for right or left hand use.

Applications of Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves

These gloves are not confined to butcher shops. Their versatile nature makes them suitable for:

  • Slaughterhouses, fish and shellfish processing, poultry processing.
  • Public dining rooms, supermarkets.
  • Plastic processing, leather processing, textile cloth tailoring.
  • Wood processing, glass processing.
  • Police and public security services, labs, and more.

Specifications and Tips Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves

Ensure a comfortable fit and effective protection with our size chart:

Size Colour Palm perimeter Palm length
XXS Brown 5-5.5inches 188mm
XS Green 6-6.5inches 200mm
S White 7-7.5inches 212mm
M Red 8-8.5inches 225mm
L Blue 9-9.5inches 237mm
XL Orange 10-10.5inches 250mm

Sample Availability and Shipping

To guarantee satisfaction, we offer samples of our gloves. We also provide flexible shipping options for both small and large quantities.

Additional Safety Products

In addition to our Stainless Steel Metal Mesh Butcher Gloves, we manufacture other safety gear such as stainless steel anti-cut cloth, aprons, and gloves of various lengths.

Safety comes first in every workplace. With our  Butcher Gloves, you ensure not only protection but also comfort and durability. Make the right investment for your safety today!

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