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Butcher Gloves Stainless Steel: Unbeatable Protection


Butcher Gloves Stainless Steel: Unbeatable Protection

Production Time:14 days



Packing:paper carton

Shipping:1-2 days

Payment Term:TT100%

Surface Treatment:no


HS code:73141400

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Safety and comfort are essential when handling sharp objects, and our stainless steel butcher gloves deliver on both fronts. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel rings, each welded individually for maximum strength and durability, these gloves provide exceptional cut protection. Easily sanitized and resistant to processing fats and oils, our gloves can be conveniently cleaned with hot water and soap.

Diverse Sizes and Attractive Colors

Our stainless steel gloves come in a range of sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL - catering to various user needs. You can choose from a range of vibrant colours including Blue, Green, Orange, White, Red, and Brown. The right fit and colour not only ensure comfort and style but also enhance safety and efficiency during work.

Impressive Features of Stainless Steel Butcher Gloves

These gloves offer a host of features designed to keep your hands safe:

1. Cut Damage Prevention: The gloves are designed to completely prevent sharp cutting damage, ensuring your hands stay safe while handling sharp tools.

2. Compliance with EN-1082-1: Meeting the requirements of the EN-1082-1 standard, our gloves provide superior hand protection.

3. High Strength and Durability: With over 5000 individually welded rings, the gloves offer remarkable strength and a long service life.

4. Excellent Resistance: The Butcher Gloves Stainless Steel showcase excellent oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and dyeing properties, making them perfect for use in demanding conditions.

5. Easy Maintenance: Keeping these gloves clean is a breeze. After use, clean them with hot water or food-grade detergent, rinse and let them air dry.

6. Adjustable Fit: Each glove comes with an adjustable nylon belt for convenient wear. The metal buckle can be adjusted to ensure the glove fits snugly on your hand.

7. Versatile Usage: The gloves can be used interchangeably on both hands, usually worn on the left hand.

Applications of Stainless Steel Butcher Gloves

Butcher gloves made from stainless steel are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, including:

  • Slaughterhouses
  • Fish and shellfish processing facilities
  • Poultry processing plants
  • Public dining areas
  • Supermarkets
  • Plastic, leather, textile manufacturing units
  • Wood and glass processing units
  • Security settings, such as police and public security departments, and laboratories.

Choosing the Right Size

To ensure the perfect fit, refer to the size guide below:

Size Colour Palm Perimeter Palm Length
XXS Brown 5-5.5 inches 188mm
XS Green 6-6.5 inches 200mm
S White 7-7.5 inches 212mm
M Red 8-8.5 inches 225mm
L Blue 9-9.5 inches 237mm
XL Orange 10-10.5 inches 250mm

Samples and Packaging

We can provide samples of our stainless steel butcher gloves for a nominal charge. When it comes to packaging, each glove is packed in a plastic bag, with 100 gloves in a carton case. Ten carton cases are then placed in a plywood case for added protection during shipping.

Invest in stainless steel butcher gloves today, and enhance your safety gear with unbeatable hand protection. Not only do our gloves ensure safety and durability, but they also offer comfort and flexibility, allowing for efficient work without compromising on protection.

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