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6x12 Chain Link Fence Panels: Your Reliable Temporary Fencing


6x12 Chain Link Fence Panels: Your Reliable Temporary Fencing



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In the realm of temporary fencing, 6x12 chain link fence panels stand out due to their robust structure, versatile usage, and remarkable durability. These fencing panels have not only been utilized in construction sites but have also proven their worth in securing private properties and various public events. Let's dive into the world of these highly sought-after fence panels, and discover why they are your perfect choice for temporary fencing.

Specifications and Features

Before exploring the benefits and potential uses of these fence panels, it's essential to familiarize ourselves with their specifications. The 6x12 chain link fence panels have been carefully designed to withstand various environmental conditions while offering a simple setup process.

Specification Description
Tubing 1¼"(32mm), 1⅜"(35mm), 1½"(38mm), 1⅗"(40mm), 1⅝"(42mm), 1⅞"(48mm)
Thickness of Tubing 16GA/1.6mm (standard) or customized size
Chain Mesh Aperture 2"x2"/(50mm x 50mm), 2¼"x2¼"(57mmx57mm), 2⅜"x2⅜"(60mmx60mm), 2½"x2½"(63mmx63mm)
Height 4ft/1220mm, 6ft/1820mm, 8ft/2420mm
Width 12ft/3650mm (standard), also 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 14ft available
Panel Sizes 6ft x 12ft, 8ft x 12ft, 4ft x 12ft, and so on
Diameter/Gauge Range from 10ga/3.2mm to 13ga/2.3m
Base Options Multiple size options available, from 36" L x 30" W x 8" H to 30" L x 18" W x 8" H
Finish Corrosion-Resistant Zinc Coating
Transport Packing Metal pallet wrapped with plastic
HDG Zinc Thickness Range from 14 microns 100gram/SQM to 84 microns 600 gram/SQM

Why Choose 6x12 Chain Link Fence Panels?

One of the key selling points of these fence panels is their corrosion resistance. Manufactured from low carbon steel wire and steel tube, these panels undergo a hot-dip galvanizing process, ensuring they are immune to rust and can last for many years outdoors.

Another significant advantage of the 6x12 chain link fence panels is the sheer ease of installation. Unlike permanent fences, there's no need for digging holes or laying foundations. Simply set up the panels and secure them with the fence base, saving you time and energy.

Last but not least, these panels offer superb flexibility. They can be easily moved or modified to fit different space requirements, making them a perfect choice for construction sites, concerts, festivals, sports events, or any other occasion requiring temporary fencing.

Whether you're securing a construction site or organizing a public event, the 6x12 chain link fence panels can provide the temporary barrier you need. Their durability, ease of installation, and flexible design make them an unbeatable choice for temporary fencing solutions. Take the step towards improved security and convenience by opting for chain link fence panels.

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