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temporary fence kit


temporary fence kit

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The temporary fence kit for sale included temp fence panels, block and clamps. Welded temporary fence is a kind of welded wire fence. It is made of high-quality carbon steel. A welded temporary fence has high strength and high security. So it is widely used on construction sites to prevent people from entering dangerous areas. Meanwhile, it can prevent items from being stolen. And our welded temporary fence is not easy to be corroded and rusted in the outdoor places. In addition, welded temporary fence with a lightweight and simple structure is easy to install and remove. So it can be reused. It is a brilliant and economical choice for your construction. Temporary Fence Auckland; Deliver from China to NZ Just 18 days from Qingdao Port

Temporary Fence Kit Features

- Our panels are Fully welded,
- Our temporary fence Auckland panels are manufactured from 32mm, 38mm round pipe,
- All panels are covered with welded mesh panels, making our panels more rigid and secure.
- Supplied with extra stable foot pieces and U clips to ensure stable assembly.
temporary fence kit Application: Construction sites, Temporary protection for factory goods, Traffic road fence, Major sports events or activities, Temporary isolation, Large playground, and so on

Installation Temporary Fence Kit

temporary fence auckland

Temporary Fence Kit comprises a welded wire mesh panel and round pipes. The surface treatment of Australia's portable fence is usually hot-dipped galvanized. It provides a bright surface and good corrosion resistance for Australia's portable fence. And it is easy to be installed with clamps and feet. Australia portable fence with lightweight is easy to be removed and reused.




Panel Length (mm)

Panel Width (mm)

Frame Outer Diameter (mm)

Frame Thickness (mm)

Mesh Opening (mm)


Standard temporary fence kit 2400 2100 32 2 75 × 75
75 × 100
60 × 150
50 × 50
60 × 60


Light Weight Portable Fence 2300 1800 32 2 75 × 75
75 × 100
60 × 150
50 × 50
60 × 60


Heavy Duty temporary fence kit 2900, 3000, 3300 2100 32 2 75 × 75
75 × 100
60 × 150
50 × 50
60 × 60

temporary fence kit 1temporary fence kit 2temporary fence kittemporary fence kit

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