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The temporary fences are also called portable, movable, and mobile. It consists of welded mesh temp fence panels, fence base and fence clamp. We can quickly insert the fence panel into the fence base; it can be moved easily, refined, and firm.

Popular type:

(1)wire mesh panel welded with round pipe

(2)Wire mesh panel welded with a straight pipe.

Famous foot: the plastic model base; steel plate base;

Application Temporary Fencing:

temporary area, Security at construction sites, Protection from theft and accidents., Secure building area. Exceptional event crowd control, Crime & disaster scene security.

Details :

  • (1)Wire Diameter:wire:2.5mm/3mm/3.5mm/4mm/5mm.
  • (2)Mesh Size:50mmx50mm, 50mmx100mm, 50mmx200mm, 75mmx150mm
  • (3)The Rail Size:25mmx25mmx1.2mm, 20x30mmx2mm,etc.
  • (4)Surface Treatment:Hot-dipped Galvanized,Electro Galvanized,PVC coated
  • (5)Fence panel Dimension:2m*2.4m, 2.3m*2.8m,etc.


  • Weather-resistant and durable, and will last much longer than other crowd barriers on the market;
  • The temporary fences are light and easy to handle while being robust at the same time;
  • The feet are removable, making transportation and storage much easier and more efficient.
  • Different specifications are available according to customers' particular inquiries or detailed drawings.

Specification Temporary Fences

Production fence panels
Panel height*length 2.1*2.4m, 2*2.2m, 2.1*2.6m, 1.8*2.4m, etc
Wire diameter 3mm, 4mm etc
Mesh opening 60*150mm, 75*75mm, 75*100mm, 60*75mm,etc
Frame pipe Diameter:32mm, 42mm, 60mm etc
Wall thickness:1.5mm, 2.0mm, etc
Zinc Heavy duty: Pipe 300g/m²,42 microns; Wire 200g/m², 28 microns
Light duty:Pipe 100g/m²;Wire 100g/m²
Clamp Center space:75mm, 100mm
Feet Blow moulded:600*220*150mm(26.5kgs)
Injection moulded:560*245*130mm(31kgs)
Metal feet are also available
Brace Height:1.8m

Temporary Fencing Clamp-100TYPE

Temporary Fencing Melbourne 3 Thickness 4.00mm
Center distance 100mm
Technical Punched
Materials Q195 Q235 steel
Design Australia
Made Country China
Treatment 14 microns, 42 microns hot dipped galvanized electrostatic powder-coated
Application Secured Fence panels, and bracket, say, Gate
Weight 0.45kg /set 2 pairs included big caps bolt and nut
Temp Fence Panesl With HDPE blow mold base filled water panel size 2.1m*2.4m Corrosion Resistant HDG zinc coated Temporary Fencing Block -Blow Molding fill Water Suit pipes
Materials High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
32mm or customized available
Color Green, Yellow, Black
Weight 26kg after filled water
Packing Stacking together a pallet
Treatment UV 3 ,UV 4 UV 5
Size of foot 600 x 220 x130mm
Packing Metal pallet
Temp Fence Panesl With HDPE blow mold base filled water panel size 2.1m*2.4m Corrosion Resistant HDG zinc coated Temporary Fencing Block --Recycled Rubber Foot Suit pipes
Materials Recycled rubber foot
32mm -48mm round tubes
Color Green, Yellow, Black
Weight 19KG
Packing Stacking together a pallet
Treatment Oil painted
Size of foot 767 x 192 x 126mm
Packing Metal pallet

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