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temporary victorian fencing


temporary victorian fencing

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Top Fencing-experience in supply victorian temporary fencing 15 years + all we made complied with AS4687-2007 standard we produce 2100mm x 2400mm temporary fence panels outer tube 32mm and 40mm & 41.20mm

Specification of temporary victorian fencing

Wire Diameter 2.50 - 5.00 mm, 4mm is popular
Welded wire mesh opening 60 * 75 mm, 60 * 150 mm, 75 * 75 mm, 75 * 100 mm
Chain link mesh opening 50 * 50 mm, 60 * 60 mm
Fence frame pipe 25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm, 60 mm
Regular size victorian temporary fencing 1.8 * 2.4 m, 1.8 * 2.9 m, 2.1 * 2.4 m, 2.1 * 3.3 mm
Plastic feet 600 * 220 * 150 mm, 560 * 245 * 130 mm
Material High-quality low-carbon steel wire
Surface treatment Hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated, PVC Spraying, galvanized then PVC coating, Paint spray

Our victorian temporary fencing Block Compare with Others. The difference is in the quality control of fading. Many manufacturers have sold the fading products last two or three months to Australian customers because they do not know the composition of the base. UV is an essential part of the base composition. High-quality anti-UV formula, UV absorbent 2002, UV UV-p, UV absorbent UV-531 as well BHT2, 6-di-buty1-4-methyl phenol yellow UV; Temporary fence feet material: Adopt bright and pure master color granules, high-density polyethylene HDPE 5502.

physical parameters

The temp fence feet have good mechanical properties; The tensile strength is more than 50 mph, and The tensile strength is 500 kg/cm. The Impact is to hold more than 50 j/m, bending elasticity of 24000 kg/cm, the load winding temperature more than 100 ℃, hardness, and Perfect aging. Temporary fence Base weight can be customized according to customer requirements for weights 0.9,1.0,1.1, 1.5kg to 1.2kg and a variety of 1.5kg.

Hole Types

victorian temporary fencing Block dimensions are mounted 32/38/40/42/48/50mm long tubes (various diameter details). According to the requirements of customers filling cement and iron tray packaging, Iron tray packaging in line with the Australian export standard without inspection, without fumigation, can make the goods clear customs smoothly solve the worries of export enterprises.
When Australian customers choose temporary fencing again, please carefully discuss it with the supplier.
Standard Fence Block
Length 600mm
Width 220mm
Height 150mm
Empty Weight options 0.90kg /1.0kg/1.2kg/1.4kg/2.00kg
Color victorian temporary fencing RAL
Packing Metal pallet wrapped with plastic film
Feature parallel hole 25mm 28mm 42mm 38mm 40mm 42mm 48mm and so on
Materials HDPE
Temporary Fence Block 2 Temporary Fence Block 3 Temporary Fence Block 4 Temporary Fence Block 5


 Temporary Removable Fencing.jpg
We use the most advanced full-automatic welding machine for the victorian temporary fencing panel, 360 degrees all weld for the frame.
Painting anti-rust paint before silver painted or powder painted to increase service life.
victorian temporary fencing 5
The surface of the temporary victorian fencing can be bright and smooth after the silver spray is painted. This process also can increase the service life.
 Temporary Removable Fencing.jpgvictorian temporary fencing 7victorian temporary fencing 8
We have strict quality control from material to the finished to guarantee the high quality of your order from every procedure.
victorian temporary fencing 9victorian temporary fencing 10
Bubble wrap at the bottom and a small piece of carbon paper between every two barriers to making the temporary victorian fencing reduce rubbing.

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