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1300 temporary fence


1300 temporary fence

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1300 temporary fence is used when an area needs barriers for public safety or security, crowd control, theft deterrent, or equipment storage. It is most commonly used as security fencing for building and construction sites. Other uses for temporary fencing include venue division at significant events and public restriction on industrial construction sites. A temporary fence is often seen at special outdoor events, parking lots, and emergency/disaster relief sites.


Anti-climb panel
Square tubing allows for easy stacking
Spiked top and bottom for additional security
Drop together assembly
No heavy concrete bases are required


Hot dipped galvanized or electro galvanized after welding
PVC coated after welding

Applications 1300 temporary fence blocks

To secure construction sites and private property
residential housing sites
crowd control barriers for major public events, sports, concerts, festivals, gatherings, etc.
swimming pools and zoo mesh fencing

General Information 1300 temporary fence blocks

Specification Common Size
Wire Diameter 3.50mm, 4.00mm and so on
Mesh Opening 60x150mm, 75x75mm, 75x100mm, 70x100mm, 60x75mm and so on
Height X Length 2.1x2.4m, 1.8x2.4m, 2.1mx2.9m, 1.8x2.9m, 2.25x2.4m, 2.1x3.3m and so on
Post 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 42mm & 48mm O. D

Recommend Specification

42 microns HDG temporary fence panels specifications
Dimensions 2100mm(H)*2400mm(W)
Tubing OD 32mm*2.00mm thick
Mesh Spacing 60mm*150mm
Infill mesh size 1736mm*2336mm
V wire number 36 *sticks wire *4.00mm
H wire number 17 *sticks wire *4.00mm
Finished 1300 temporary fence 14 microns /100 gram/SQM
Weight of panels 20.5kg-22.0kg
Service life Salt spray testing results in at least five years
40HC container 560 unit if covered clamp and base
Packing Metal Pallet Wrapped with plastic film
Productions Time All stocked
Ocean time 25 days to 35 days to any port of AU & NZ
What papers do you provide after shipping containers

Main: Packing list, Commercial Invoice, bill of lading copy or draft for telex release one, balance papers


For NZ: Containers Declaration

For AU: PKD - Packing Declaration 2016 and Certificated of Original

1300 Temporary Fence Blocks

Australian Temporary fence Block dimensions are mounted 32/38/40/42/48/50mm long tubes (various diameter details). According to the requirements of customers filling cement and iron tray packaging, Iron tray packaging in line with the Australian export standard without inspection, without fumigation, can make the goods clear customs smoothly solve the worries of export enterprises.
Standard Fence Block
Length 600mm
Width 220mm
Height 150mm
Empty Weight options 0.90kg /1.0kg/1.2kg/1.4kg/2.00kg
Color 1300 temporary fence
Packing Metal pallet wrapped with plastic film
Feature parallel hole 25mm 28mm 42mm 38mm 40mm 42mm 48mm and so on
Materials HDPE
Temporary Fence Block 2 Temporary Fence Block 3 Temporary Fence Block 4 Temporary Fence Block 5

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