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Horse corral panel


Horse corral panel

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Horse corral panel is usually called cattle, horse, corral, etc. It is fabricated with welded hot dip galvanised pipes for fencings such as sheep, goats and other livestock. A well-designed, functional set of yards is necessary for effective cattle management. Your cattle yards should allow safe, efficient handling of the animals for drafting and loading-out and the additional ability to restrain the animals for medical procedures. When planning and constructing your cattle yards, the first consideration is the farmer's safety and the animal. First and foremost, your corral panel should be designed so that the cattle handler can quickly and easily move out of danger where necessary.

Specification of horse corral panel
Description Length Height No. of Rails Size of Rail
Cattle Panel Round Pipe 2100mm 1800mm 6 Rails 42mm x 1.6mm
Cattle Panel Square pipe
1800mm 6 Rails 40mm x 40mm x 1.6mm
Cattle Panel Square pipe-horse corral panel 2100mm 1800mm 6 Rails 40mm x 40mm x 2.0mm
Cattle Panel Oval Rail 2100mm 1800mm 6 Rails 60mm x 30mm x 2.0mm
Cattle Panel Oval Rail 2100mm 1800mm 5 Rails 80mm x 40mm x 2.0mm-horse corral panel
Cattle Panel Oval Rail 2100mm 1800mm 5 Rails 115mm x 42mm x 2.0mm
Type Tube Size Panel Size

America/Canada horse corral panel

Round tube
32mm, 42mm OD


Australia/New Zealand
Square tube
40x40mm, 50x50mm
Oval tube
60x30mm, 115x42mm

1600x2100mm, 1800x2400mm

Photo horse corral panel

5foot*10foot American Steel Cattle Panel/Horse Corral Panel 5foot*10foot American Steel Cattle Panel/Horse Corral Panel 5foot*10foot American Steel Cattle Panel/Horse Corral Panel
horse corral panels 3 horse corral panels 4 horse corral panels 5


horse panel can be installed quickly and easily; We have many years of export experience, guarantee good quality and have a competitive price.

1. Robust structure.
Horse panels are made from heavy-duty steel tubes. They are welded 360 degrees. The sturdy structure makes horse panels stable and not easy to break.
2. Corrosion resistant and durable.
The panels' galvanised and painted coated surface is anti-corrosion & rust and has a long service life.
3. Easy assembly and disassembly.
The horse corral panel is jointed with pin latches or chains. The J-legs and metal base enable horse panels to stand freely without digging holes on lay foundations.
4. Safety guarantee.
The panels are galvanised and polished without sharp edges. Thereby, the panels will not cause injury to your horses.
5. Various shapes of tubes.
Horse panel tubes are available in round tubes, square tubes and oval tubes of different sizes.

manufacture process

Firstly, we prepared the pipe(round pipe or the oval pipe, the square pipe), then put the pipe on the welded shaping machine; the pipes are galvanised, welded the pipe together, then make the spot smoothed, then silver-painted

horse corral panel usage

It is used in cattle yards, sheep yards, and horse yards, and all need high-security protection livestock yards.
A field fence is a mesh used for cattle, goats, deer, and pigs.
Papadopoulos grassland, forestry, highway, and environment.
A horse corral panel is used for grassland, pastures, and the protection of ecological projects.

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