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How to Install Chain Wire Fence Steps by Steps

How to Install Chain Wire Fence Steps by Steps

How to install chain wire fence ;Before starting the installation process, ensure you have obtained any necessary building and zoning permits, and that your fence will meet neighborhood deed restrictions. Familiarize yourself with your property lines and have underground utilities located. If you're hiring a professional installer, verify their coverage by Workman's Compensation Insurance.

Essential tools for installing a chain wire fence include a tape measure, level, pliers, wire cutters, sledgehammer, post hole digger, and more. Ensure you have all the necessary materials and tools at hand.

Materials Needed for Residential Chain Link Fence for Install Chain Wire Fence



Quantity to Use

Quantity to Buy

Fence Fabric

Chain Link Fence Fabric

Usually sold in rolls of 50 feet

Top Rail

Top Rail

Total footage of fence less gate openings

Line Posts (intermediate posts)

Line Post

Divide total footage by 10 and round up (see chart below)

Terminal Posts (end, corner, and gate posts) (usually larger than line posts)

Terminal Posts

As required (2 for each gate)

Top Rail Sleeve

Top Rail Sleeve

1 for each length of plain top rail. Not required for swedged top rail

Loop Caps

Loop Caps

Use 1 per line post (two styles shown left)

Tension Bar

Tension Bar

Use 1 for each end or gate post, 2 for each corner post

Brace Band

Brace Band

Use 1 per tension bar (holds rail end in place)

Rail Ends

Rail Ends

Use 1 per tension bar

Tension Band

Tension Band

Use 4 per tension bar or 1 per foot of fence height

Carriage Bolts 5/16" x 1 1/4"

Carriage Bolts

Use 1 per tension or brace band

Post Cap

Post Cap

Use 1 for each terminal post

Fence Tie / Hook Ties

Fence Tie Hook Ties

1 for every 12" of line posts and 1 for every 24" of top rail

Walk Gate

Walk Gates

Double Drive Gate

Double Swing Drive Fence Gate

Male Hinge / Post Hinge

Maile Hinge Post Hinge

2 per single walk gates and 4 per double drive gate

Carriage Bolts 3/8" x 3"

Carriage Bolts

1 per male hinge

Female Hinge / Gate Hinge

Female Hinge Gate Hinge

2 per single walk gates and 4 per double drive gate

Carriage Bolt 3/8" x 1 3/4"

Carriage Bolt

1 per female hinge

Fork Latch

Gate Fork Latch

1 per walk gate

Survey Property Lines: Ensure the fence doesn't encroach on neighboring property by setting posts approximately 4" inside the property line.

Locate and Set Terminal Posts: Determine the distance between gate posts and dig holes for terminal posts (corner, end, and gate posts). Set terminal posts in concrete, ensuring they are level and centered in the hole.

Install Chain Wire Fence Locate and Set Line Posts: After the concrete around terminal posts has hardened, stretch a string tight between the terminal posts and space line posts no more than 10 feet apart. Dig post holes and set line posts, adjusting their height before concrete sets.

Install Chain Wire Fence Apply Fittings to Terminal Posts: After all posts have been installed and the concrete footings have hardened, slip the tension and brace bands onto the terminal posts. Apply terminal post caps.

Install Chain Wire Fence Top Rail: Attach loop caps to line posts and insert top rail pipe through the eye-top closest to one of the terminal posts. Attach top rails together and cut to fit tightly into the rail end.

Hang Chain Link Fabric: Unroll the chain link fabric on the ground along the fence line. Slide the tension bar through the last link and stand the fabric up against the posts. Fasten the tension bar to the terminal post with tension bands.

How to Install Chain Wire Fence Stretch Chain Link Fabric: Insert a tension bar about 3 feet inside the unattached end of the fabric. Stretch the fabric using a fence stretcher and insert a tension bar at the end of the fabric, connecting tension bands on the terminal post.

Hanging Gates: After the fence has been completed, install the male hinges to one of the gate posts. Set the gate in place, aligning the top with the top of the fence. Adjust and tighten hinges, and install gate latch for single gates or center latching device for double gates.

Following these steps, you'll have a professionally installed chain wire fence that meets your requirements and enhances your property.

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