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Balustrade Wire Rope mesh

October 1, 2021
Flexible rope mesh netting balustrade is made from high tensile stainless steel 304, 316, 304L and 316L. The stainless steel rope construction is 7 × 7 or 7 × 19, and 1 × 7 and 1 × 19 are also available. Stainless steel rope mesh can be divided into two kinds according to the combination method: stainless steel knotted rope mesh and stainless steel ferrule rope mesh. The former is combined by the ropes winded together. And the latter is combined by the ferrules which are made up from the same grade stainless steel. Except the two main products mentioned above, we also supply stainless steel square rope mesh and anti-theft backpack protector. The stainless steel square rope mesh is mainly used as stainless steel decoration rope mesh because of its beautiful square holes. And stainless steel rope mesh anti-theft backpack protector can protect your valuable bag or luggage from being stolen.
Product Name
stainless steel rope mesh
woven type & Ferrule type
Surface Teatment
Polished or black oxidation
SS316( L ), SS304, Galvanized steel
Place of Product
Hebei Province,China
Modes of packing
water-proof bags and wooden cases
latest company news about Balustrade Wire Rope mesh
latest company news about Balustrade Wire Rope mesh