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Before You bought Temporary Fencing From uS Please Read Suggestion

November 3, 2018

When you decide to purchase temporary fence from LNFENCE to install in your building to improve the security level of the perimeter of the building to ensure the smooth operation of the project we have the following suggestions first of all LNFENCE is a temporary fence manufacturer, we are located in China so it takes time from you to ordered temporary fence panels to your construction sit e.Less than 10km temporary fencing we can ship within four weeks, from our nearest port, Tianjin Newport to Australi a.The time of the port is usually 25-35 days. If your order is urgent, we can also send the goods from Qingdao, which is the direct route from Qingdao to Australia portJust 12-14 days to get to Oceania will save you enough time.

Temporary fence surface treatment can effectively increase the antirust performance of temporary fence panels. In LNFENCE we offer a variety of anti-corrosion surface treatment options such as hot-dip galvanizing for customers We support 14 micron zincthick is equal to 100 grams per square meter, 42 micron is equal to 300 grams per square meter, and 84 micron is equal to 600 grams per square metr e.We support the use of hot-dip coatingThe greater the thickness of the zinc layer, the better the corrosion resistance. Usually 14 microns of zinc is covered by temporary guardrail, which is usually oxidized after 3-5 years, and 42 microns of zinc, which is covered by temporary guardrail after 5-7 yearsOxidation takes place, and the 84 micron hot-dip galvanized temporary guardrail takes 15 to 30 years to undergo an oxidizing reaction, which is what we call "rust."