Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet

October 5, 2021

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The process of creating perforations is called perforating, which involves puncturing the workpiece (usually a thin metal sheet) with a tool. Slotted perforated metal is a sheet or coil of material made from metal that contains holes punched by a die. Embossing is a metal forming process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in sheet material. Checkered plate, also known as Diamond plate, is a type of light-weight metal sheet with a regular pattern of raised diamonds or lines.


stainless steel perforated metal is stronger, lighter, more rigid, and more economic as well as making a skid resistant surface they r mainly used as filters as windows. Also for other industry or agriculture uses.

1) For aluminum material : - Without treatment is ok - Anodized finish (colour can be silver, blue, green, yellow,pink, red,black, as you like) - Powder coated - PVDF (surface will be much more smooth, level off and glossy, it also has a much longer life span than common treatment)

2) For iron steel material : - Galvanized : Electric galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized - Powder coated - Spray painted

The hole pattern, sheet size, raw material of perforated metal sheet can precisely made according to the customers' specifications.

1. For the normal hole type, we just need the detail specifications;

2. For the unique hole type, you can bring the sample to visit our factory and our technical team can make CAD drawing for you.

Material Low carbon steel ,Stainless steel sheet, Galvanized steel ,Aluminum metal
Thickness 0.2mm---20mm   Aperture 0.5--200mm
Size 1200*2400mm 1220*2440mm Or cut to size
Hole shape Rectangular, square, Diamond , round,Triangular,Louver, irregular hole



90°staggered,45°staggered, 60°staggered , 90°straight
Surface treatment Galvanized ,Powder coating, Anodized, Fluorocarbon coating
Advantages Light weight,durable application,good sound absorption,various hole design
Application Machinery,filtration,enclosure, equipment,handicrafts production


Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 0Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 1Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 2Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 3Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 4


All panels can be customised to suit your requirements

Our perforated metals have been used in

• Sunscreens

• Balustrade panels

• Fencing and gate infill panels

• Ceiling panels

• Architectural feature panels

• Building facades

• Acoustic wall panels

• Rice Filters

• Shop fitting wall panels

• Custom perforations

Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 5Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 6Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 7Food Grade SS 304 Perforated Sheet 8