AS4671 Ribbed Square Wire Mesh Concrete Reinforced Wire Mesh

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: AS4671
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Ribbed Square Mesh
Minimum Order Quantity: 10tons
Price: 350$-650$/ton
Packaging Details: metal pallet
Delivery Time: 14 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000ton per year

AS 4671 Carbon Steel Welded Wire Mesh Screen, Reinforcing Wire Mesh For Concrete


This general purpose mesh is used for reinforcing flat concrete elements such as floor slabs and walls.

Square mesh is manufactured from L grade ribbed wires (D500L) that are welded together with equal spacing in both directions to form square apertures.


We have square mesh available in sheets of two sizes: Full-size mesh sheets are 6m x 2.4m with side lap wires to minimize the laps between sheets on large areas 4B2 Mesh® is the same high-quality mesh but produced in a handy 2m x 4m sheet, perfect for smaller jobs like driveways or DIY.


Tensile Strength Yield Strength Ratio Elongation Shear Force Average Cold Bend
Rm≥550MPa Rp0.2≥500MPa Rm/Rp0.2≥1.03 25% ≥0.5Rek.LAs D=3d
Product: cold-rolled ribbed mesh cold-drawn plain mesh stainless steel mesh
We confirm that all test sample are from the same batch(grade, share, geometric, production process, delivery condition)and also passed the test conducted by our quality control department.


REBER & REO WIRE Product Designations


AS/NZS 4671* Designation Designation** Yield Stress(MPa) Ductility Class*** Product Designation Source Material Type Size Range
D500N N_ 500 N Hot rolled deformed rebar MICROALLOY(MA) CONTISTRETCH(CS) N12-N40 straight stock lengths N10, N12, N16 off the coil
R250N R_ 250 250 N Hot rolled round rebar Mild Steel R6, R10, R12 off coil R16-R28 straight stock lengths
D250N_**** S_ 250 N Hot rolled deformed rebar Mild Steel S12-straights
D500L_ RW_ 500 L Cold rolled ribbed wire Mild Steel RW5-RW12 off coil
R500L_ W_ 500 L Cold has drawn round wire Mild Steel W4-W12 off coil

*AS/NZS 4671: 2001 Steel reinforcing materials, D = Deformed, R = Round, N = Normal Ductility, L = Low Ductility

**_indicates bar diameter(mm), N = Normal, R = Round, S = Structural, RW = Ribbed Wire, W = Wire

*** Uniform Strain Limits N: Normal(≥5%) L: Low(≥1.5%)


Square Mesh AS/NZS 4671- Class L


Product Code Std Unit Longitudinal Wires Cross Wires Mass(kg) Dimensions(m)
SL52 sheet 10×4.77@200+4×4@100 30×4.77@200 21 6×2.4
SL62 sheet 10×6@200+4×4.77@100 30×6@200 33 6×2.4
SL72 sheet 10×6.75@200+4×4@100 30×6.75@200 41 6×2.4
SL81 sheet 25×7.6@100 60×7.6@200 105 6×2.4
SL82 sheet 10×7.6@200+4×5.37@100 30×7.6@200 52 6×2.4
SL92 sheet 10×8.6@200+4×6@100 30×8.6@200 66 6×2.4
SL102 sheet 10×9.5@200+4×6.75@100 30×9.5@200 80 6×2.4
×Diameter (mm) × Spacing (mm)


Rectangular Mesh AS/NZS 4671 - Class L


Product Code Std Unit Longitudinal Wires Cross Wires Mass(kg) Dimensions(m)
RL718 sheet 25×6.75@100 30×7.6@200 67 6×2.4
RL818 sheet 25×7.6@100 30×7.6@200 79 6×2.4
RL918 sheet 25×8.6@100 30×7.6@200 93 6×2.4
RL1018 sheet 25×9.5@100 30×7.6@200 109 6×2.4
RL1118 sheet 25×10.7@100 30×7.6@200 130 6×2.4
RL1218 sheet 25×11.9@100 30×7.6@200 157 6×2.4


AS4671 Ribbed Square Wire Mesh Concrete Reinforced Wire Mesh

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