Gabion Wire Mesh Basket

Basic Information
Minimum Order Quantity: 1X20GP container
Price: 1.08$-9.88%/SQM
Packaging Details: Pallet
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100000SQM PER WEEK

Gabion wire mesh basket is a double-twisted wire mesh container of variable sizes, uniformly partitioned into internal cells, interconnected with other similar units, and filled with stone at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls, sea wall, channel linings, revetments, and weirs for erosion control projects.


Revet mattress gabion wire mesh, also called reno mattress, is also a double-twisted wire mesh container with the same weaving method as gabion baskets, only having relatively smaller height and smaller mesh openings than the mesh used for gabions. Revet mattress are generally used for riverbank protection and channel linings.


We can produce the gabion wire mesh baskets and revet mattress on a basis of various materials as follows.

Heavily zinc-coated steel wire conforming to ASTM A 641, Class 3 coating, soft temper;

Zn-5Al-MM-Coated steel wire conforming to ASTM A 856/856M, Class 3, soft temper;


The most popular wire diameter for gabion wire mesh baskets is 2.7mm, 2.2mm for revet mattress.

Weaving: a unraveling mesh made by twisting continuous pairs of wires through three one-half turns(commonly called double-twisted) to form hexagonal-shaped openings which are then interconnected to adjacent wires to for hexagonal openings. The most popular mesh opening for gabion baskets is 80x100mm size, 60x80mm for revet mattress. During the process, a terminal wire will be used to edge the wire mesh perpendicular to the double twist by mechanically wrapping the mesh wires around it at least 2.5 times or by inserting it throughout the twists and folding one mesh length. We always use 3.4mm wire for gabion baskets, 2.7mm wire revet mattress.


Mesh Opening (MM) Steel Wire Diameter (MM) (PVC Wire)/ Inside diameter/Outer diameter(MM)
60X80 ¦Õ2.0-2.8 ¦Õ2.0/3.0-2.8/3.8
80X100 ¦Õ2.2-3.2 ¦Õ2.2/3.2-3.0/4.0
80X120 ¦Õ2.2-3.2 ¦Õ2.2/3.2-3.0/4.0
100X120 ¦Õ2.4-3.5 ¦Õ2.4/3.4-3.2/4.2
100X150 ¦Õ2.4-3.5 ¦Õ2.4/3.4-3.2/4.2
120X150 ¦Õ2.7-4.0 ¦Õ2.7/3.7-3.5/4.5

Galvanized PVC Coated Gabion Wire Mesh Basket Double Twist HexagonalGalvanized PVC Coated Gabion Wire Mesh Basket Double Twist Hexagonal

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