Galfan Welded HESCO Defensive Barriers Lined with Heavy Duty Geotextile Cloth

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO
Model Number: Military Barriers
Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs
Price: 5USD-135USD per roll
Packaging Details: Wooden Or Metal Pallet ,Bulk ,Two End Of Roll Wrapped With Plastic Bag
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500 pcs per week

Galfan Welded HESCO Defensive Barriers Lined with Heavy Duty Geotextile Cloth


Shuxin Military Defensive Barriers had been authorized by " European Community"(CE), we provide confidence through the quality of Defensive Barriers.From flood to military operations, We both can give you the best Quality Goods.


Brief Introduction of SX 5 Defensive Barriers:


1. Wire Diameter: 4.00mm

2. Mesh Size: 3" (76.2x76.2mm)

3. Panel Size: 0.61 x 0.61 M

4. Diameter of Spring: 4.0mm, Continues circle made the mesh panle together, and collapsible.

5. Geotextile:heavy duty UV protection non-woven Cloth;

6. Color: Grey and Military Green

7. Total Size: 0.61 x 0.61 x 3.05 M

8. No. of Cells: 2 Cells

9. Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized

10. Package: Packed in pallet, with Plastic Film or Shrink Film


The Technical Specifications from SX 1 to SX 19


Welded Military Sand Filled Bastion Wall
Model Height Width Length
SX-1 54"(1.37M) 42"(1.06M) 32'9"(10M)
SX-2 24"(0.61M) 24"(0.61M) 4'(1.22M)
SX-3 39"(1.00M) 39"(1.00M) 32'9"(10M)
SX-4 39"(1.00M) 60"(1.52M) 32'9"(10M)
SX-5 24"(0.61M) 24"(0.61M) 10'(3.05M)
SX-6 66"(1.68M_ 24"(0.61M) 10'(3.05M)
SX-7 87"(2.21M) 84"(2.13M) 91'(27.74M)
SX-8 54"(1.37M) 48"(1.22M) 32'9"(10M)
SX-9 39"(1.00M) 30"(0.76M) 30'(9.14M)
SX-10 87"(2.21M) 60"(1.52M) 100'(32.50M)
SX-11 48"(1.22M) 12"(0.30M) 4'(1.22M)
SX-12 84"(2.13M) 42"(1.06M) 108'(33M)
SX-19 108"(2.74M) 42"(1.06M) 10'5"(3.18M)


The Application for Welded Defensive Barriers:


Military HESCO Defensive Barriers


1. Perimeter Security HESCO Barrier and Defensive Wall

After filled with sand or earth in the Barrier, it can not easy to penetrate, Better to use as Security barrier and Defence Wall


2. Temporary Fort and Command Post

Military Defensive Barriers also can build Temporary Fort and Command Post, Fast Building.


3. Guard Posts

Filled With earth or sand, and stacked together, to prevent Impact.


Flood Control


1. Flood Prevention Barrier

2. Permanent or Semi-permanent Dike

3. Flood Control Retaining Wall

4. Protection Engineering of Seaside Area

5. Protecting Existing Structures

6. Coastal Erosion Control


The Advantages of Welded HESCO Defensive Barrier:


1. Lifetime

The unit must be made of a Wire Mesh basket which is manufactured from Galvanised coated, welded mesh. The mesh must be made of rust protected alloy materials.The Wire Mesh must have a guaranteed life of not less than 5 years while exposed to environment and 10 years when in store.


2. Collapsible

Mesh Panel is joint by spring which is a circle, Mesh Panle can turn 360° unobstructed, so, when shiping the goods, it is collapsible to save space.



3. Fast Operation

Open the Welded Defensive Barriers and filled with sand or earth, Then it Finished, No need to many people to operate and fast.


4. Easy to repair

As a protection Wall to prevent Bullets and shells, there would be small part damage, Just use one piece of welded wire mesh panel insert into the earth and cover the damage part, it can also work long time.

Galfan Welded HESCO Defensive Barriers Lined with Heavy Duty Geotextile ClothGalfan Welded HESCO Defensive Barriers Lined with Heavy Duty Geotextile Cloth

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