Police Crowd Control Barriers

Basic Information
Place of Origin: American ,Australia ,Canadan
Brand Name: LNF-Crowd Control Barriers
Certification: ISO
Model Number: 1090mm Height*2500mm Width Crowd Control Barriers
Minimum Order Quantity: 500 liner meter
Price: 18.88$ per set
Packaging Details: All metal Pallets
Delivery Time: 7 work days
Payment Terms: TT30% deposit balance 70% at sight of finished products
Supply Ability: 10000 liner meters

 Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Metal Barrier


50 x Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Metal Barrier


Temporary Fencing. The base of this type of barrier provides an incredibly stable platform. About First Fence. 50 x Police Crowd Barriers. Quantity: 50 Barriers. Their design includes a unique interlocking system that makes it impossible to dismantle your barriers in any way, except by starting from one end and working your way to the other.

50 x Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Metal Barrier50 x Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Metal Barrier50 x Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Metal Barrier

The Police Pedestrian Barrier is an innovative lightweight crowd control barrier used to secure spectator safety and is an ideal solution for events such as demonstrations, football matches, pop concerts and any other event where a high-security solution is required.


This barrier is less likely to topple over than many comparable products due to the depth of its 705mm angled base, accompanied by the combined securely of connecting to each neighboring barrier via an easy to use the interlocking system. It is particularly suitable for controlling the flow of people and heavy crowd surges.


They can also be used in specific configurations, such as a box line, to create high security, sterile zones and difficult to breach barrier lines.

The barriers are made with a welded, galvanized tubular steel frame and fitted with a steel anti-climb mesh infill panel creating an attractive appearance. The unique footprint of the base is designed to prevent the barriers from sliding.


In addition to the rapid installation and dismantling process, the barrier can also be stacked and stored in units of thirty per stillage which can then be easily maneuvered by a forklift truck.

50 x Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Metal Barrier







Post Galvanised

1065 mm

1526 mm

705 mm

26 kg



What is the Purpose of the Metal Barrier?

Metal barriers have been used for a number of industrial applications. Often named a "police barrier" because of its initial success at crowd control for police units, this particular barrier is developed for similar sorts of applications in a number of different fields. They are especially good at enabling crowd control in crowded regions and in streets.


Where Can a Police Barrier Be Used?

Generally, this barrier can be utilized as a safety measure for people to avoid putting them into harm's way. In parades where floats and other personnel occupy a street or courtyard, this barrier is a great way to provide protection to patrons and to cordon them off from the dangerous thoroughfare where the parade takes place. In other situations, the barrier can be used to provide a safety region for VIP's, keeping the crowds of admirers a safe distance away.


Who Might Use This Product?

Originally developed for use by police in order to create a space around an event or location that is clear of people, the metal barrier has grown in its usage over the years. Now the barrier serves as a way for companies to set up impromptu corridors or lanes to aid in serving customers. It can also be used for any number of applications that require a particular corridor or lane to be impassable to the general public. Because of its multi-faceted uses, many companies and municipal corporations have used this barrier to great success.


Product Specifications

The Workplace Depot presents a barrier that is built to be sturdy yet easy to handle and maneuver. Built with a high-impact mesh steel side, the barrier stands 1.06m high by 1.5 meters in length. The steel used in its construction is designed to deal with high impacts and doesn't deform easily. The steel is fully welded and galvanized to make the barrier stronger than other types of barriers and is specifically built to deal with crowd control. With this item, there is a minimum order count of ten (10) units.


50 x Police Crowd Barrier / Met Barrier Metal Barrier

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