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Hot Dipped Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers For Sale, Available any Size Customized

Minimum Order Quantity : 500 liner meter Price : 18.88$ per set
Packaging Details : All metal Pallets Delivery Time : 7 work days
Payment Terms : TT30% deposit balance 70% at sight of finished products Supply Ability : 10000 liner meters
Place of Origin: American ,Australia ,Canadan Brand Name: LNF-Crowd Control Barriers
Certification: ISO Model Number: 1090mm Height*2500mm Width Crowd Control Barriers

Detail Information

Materials: Q235 Steel Pipes Color: Any Ral Color
Type: Weld Steel Warranty: 3-25 Years Depand On Treatment
Pipes: OD 25 Mm ,32mm ,38mm Customized: Available
Treatment: Hot Dipped Galvanized Or Powder Painted Market: World Wide
High Light:

crowd control fencing


metal crowd control barriers

Product Description

Hot Dipped Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers For Sale, Available any Size Customized

The Crowd control barricade is ideal where high quality, attractive and durable crowd control is required. Built to proven design standards, Crowd Control Barriers is built from high-quality carbon steel and is hot-dipped galvanized inside and out to ensure long-term weather resistance.All Crowd Control barriers frames are made from durable 1-1/2" OD 16 gauge steel framing, while uprights are made from 1/2" OD 16 gauge steel tubing. Uprights are fully inserted into the frame before welding, providing extraordinary strength. Choose from two foot systems: a detachable bridge foot or a detachable flat foot. Barricade interlock using the industry standard hook and half-loop fastening system provides a union that prevents a single barricade from being removed from a continuous line of barricades.The Crowd Steel Barricade is the best selling steel crowd control barrier on the market! Over 10 miles of fencing and barricades were provided by the Crowd Control manufacturer for the 2009 Presidential inauguration. CrowdStopper comes with a manufacturer's 3-year warranty.  Crowd Control Steel Barricade Transport Cart available for storing and transporting panels. 

However, as with any financial decision you make for your business, it is important to consider which option is more cost-effective in the long run. And unless you only use metal barriers within three days (unlikely) during the entire business process, buying metal barriers is a more reasonable financial decision.

The cost of renting a metal crowd control barricade starts at 6.5 feet (15 feet) per day, at $15 per day, and then starts to rise.

To build a moderate barrier or queue, you will need to rent at least 20 barricades at a price of $300 per day, plus related transportation, installation, and dismantling costs.

Even if you decide to arrange crowd control barriers yourself, most crowd control barricades rental services will charge you related service fees as part of their rental "package".

Taken together, your minimum cost per day is US$500, or the minimum cost of roadblocks is US$25.

On the other hand, the cost of buying metal barriers starts at $89, and you can use your own employees to set up and remove barriers, thereby saving service fees.

This means you only need to use the barricade 3.5 times to make buying a barricade more cost-effective than renting a barricade.

Even better, when you have a roadblock, you won't have to worry about whether the deliveryman will show up on time.

2) How long do you need a metal barricade? 8 feet, 7.5 feet and 6.5 feet
After deciding whether to rent or buy a barricade, the next important decision you need to make is which length of barricade to choose.

Remember: it is better to buy barricades of the same length than barricades of different lengths.

Barricade storage carts (rolling carts designed to manipulate and store barricades) work best when equipped with a uniform metal barrier. Obstacles of various lengths are not intended to be stacked on top of each other and will sway around when the trolley moves.

For your business or activity, the optimal barricade length depends on whether you set up a queue (a line that filters the crowd from the entrance to the exit point) or a barrier (an uninterrupted metal barricade blocks the crowd).

If you want to set up a queue, please buy a 6.5-foot or 7.5-foot barricade. A smaller length is more effective for setting up the winding queue (learn how to set up the queue here) to create tight corner points.

If you want to set up barriers, please buy 8.5 foot barriers. The longer the roadblock, the less time it takes to set the obstacle, which is especially useful when setting a long straight line.


3) Which barricade height should you buy?
There are two barricade heights: standard (3.5 feet) and super high (6 feet).

In most cases, a barricade of standard height is sufficient to meet your crowd control needs. However, if you are in difficult situations such as crowd control (such as a surge in crowds), or need to protect pedestrians from the dangers of the construction site, then higher roadblocks are a better choice.

4) Standard steel color barrier or color powder coating barrier?
Metal barriers are divided into two types of finishes: hot-dip galvanized steel (silver) or powder-coated colored finishes.

Both varieties are resistant to weathering and rust. The main difference between the two is that the price of color varieties is slightly higher.

So, how do you decide between the two surface treatments?

For events such as political rallies and concerts, or places such as parks, national parks, and local schools, standard steel finishes are the standard. Since standard colors are very popular, they can blend into the environment and control the crowd without standing out (more on why it is important to use non-invasive crowd control strategies here).

For construction areas, facilities or warehouses, orange barriers are standard. The bright orange color is a general warning signal and provides additional protection around potentially hazardous areas.

For universities, large retail stores, and stadiums, colored metal barricades allow you to match the color of the barricade to the color of the brand or school.

5) Which barricade foot should you choose?
There are two types of barricade feet: flat feet and bridge feet.

The soles of the flat-footed barricades are long and flat. They can work on flat surfaces, so they work best on city streets, sidewalks, tarmac roads, and outdoor stadiums and sports venues.

Abutment barricades have two pointed abutments at either end of the barricade. They are most suitable for use on uneven surfaces, such as beaches, golf courses, gravel, grass and parks.

6) Do you need to open the door?
When set up in a straight line, steel metal barriers interlock and form a strong barrier. By design, it is difficult to delete part of a line from a line

more details www.metalcrowdcontrolbarriers.com

Security and Safety
Traffic & Pedestrian Control
Special Events
Stadiums/Arenas/Convention Centers
Hot-dipped galvanized
Easy to use an interlocking system
Barricades come fully assembled
Detachable feet
Stacks compactly for storage
Economical, stable design
Click barricade images below for more information
Crowd Control Barriers Bridge Foot
The Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier is also called steel barrier, crowd barrier, or steel barricades which is made of galvanized

steel, with size 2.0 x 1.1m, 2.2x1.1m, 2.3 x 1.1m, 2.5 x 1.1m, 2.6 x 1.1m. The steel barricades are linked together to provide a solid barrier to direct pedestrian traffic. It is easily and quickly installed between pedestrian traffic and possible danger to provide safety, especially Children.
Powder coated crowd control barrier yellow color drawing
1. Our Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier is available with the following overall dimensions
39" (3.25 Ft.)
79" (6.5 Ft.)
7.5’ (2.3 m)
98" (8 Ft.)
8 ft 6 in (2.6m)
43" (3.6 Ft.)
43" (3.6 Ft.)
43” (109.2 mm)
43" (3.6 Ft.)
43" (109.2mm)
No. of Uprights
Spacing Between Uprights
4 3/8"
4 3/8"
4 3/8"
4 3/8"
4 3/8"
Frame Thickness
16 gauge
16 gauge
OD 14-gauge
16 gauge
OD 14-gauge
Frame Dia.
1.5 in. OD 16-gauge or 1/25 in. OD
1.5 in. OD 16-gauge or 1/25 in. OD
1.5 in. OD 16-gauge or 1/25 in. OD
Upright Dia.
Other Size of Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier
1) 6.79' x 2.72' Suits Frame with flexible supporting leg
2) 6.82' x 3.18' Suits Frame with fixed supporting leg
3) 6.82' x 3.44' Suits Frame with Plate base
4) 102"L x 40"H overall size
crowd control barrier welding and galvanized processing
steel barricades size testing
2. Main Frame of Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier
The main frame is made of 1½ ” O.D. galvanized steel tubing, minimum 16 gauge.It is a single tubing
which is bent at right angles.Then the bent tubing is welded in saddle-cut welds with bottom horizontal tubing.
The upright infilled tube is fulled welded onto the frame tube
3. Spacing Between Uprights of Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier
Equally-spaced bars are welded strongly with barrier frame, made of 1.5’’ O.D. steel tubing,
minimum 16 gauge. Minimum of ½” weld at the top and at the bottom of each upright bar.
The spacing between inside vertical members is no less than 4 3/8’’ and meets all standards.
3. Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier Base Options
There are several barrier base options available with the bridge base and flat base being the most popular by far.
Feet: Two (2) bolt on flat feet ½” x 2″ flat steel bar with 1¼” O.D. 14 galvanized stem, or
Two (2) bolt on bridge feet 1½” O.D. galvanized steel, 16 gauge, with ¼” O.D. galvanized stem.
Our barriers go through a hot dip galvanizing process so that our barriers remain rust-free.
FLAT BASE, U BASE, Bridge Base, Wheel Base
The steel barricades U base and bridge base
The steel barricades flat base
4. Male-Female Interlocking Ends
The crowd control barriers are connected together by interlocking device,called Male-Female interlocking ends.
It is a minimum ⅝” diameter rod welded through main frame at both ends. Male/Female connections
have enough clearance to allow for uneven ground when connected.
The crowd control barriers are connected together by interlocking device
5. Finish of Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier
The whole panel is hot dipped galvanized after welding as per the specs and drawing.
The barrier is polished after galvanizing so that no burrs sharp points to hurt the workers.
6. Packing & Loading of Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier
The loading of crowd control barrier
7. Application of Crowd Control Interlocking Barrier
Parade Routes
Fun Runs/Walks
Event Staging Areas
Concert Stages
Block Parties
Waiting Lines
Grand Openings
Parking Lots
Construction Sites

The Crowd Control Barriers with a bridge-style foot is the best selling crowd control barricade on the market! The bridge-foot design provides maximum stability for the barricade, thus making the GS01 an ideal choice for use on grass, soft or uneven surfaces. The Bridge Foot CrowdStopper provides the best resistance to pushing by crowds - so if you are planning a parade, rally or concert, choose the GS01 for your sensitive crowd control needs. Measures 8'6" x 43" and weighs 52 lbs.
CrowdStopper Flat Foot
The Crowd Control Barriers with a flat-style foot, is the ideal choice at special events or venues that require funnelling crowds or traffic in parallel lines. The flat-foot design minimizes the tripping hazard and vehicle tires roll easily over the foot without damage to the barricade. The flat foot distributes weight evenly and rubber grommets provide added protection for sensitive floors. Two holes in each foot allow it to be anchored to the ground. Measures 8'6" x 43" and weighs 57 lbs.
Hot Dipped Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers For Sale, Available any Size Customized 8Hot Dipped Galvanized Crowd Control Barriers For Sale, Available any Size Customized 9

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